Android tracking software has become a mainstay in the 21st century. Naturally, about 17,000 Android applications gain vital identifying data that creates a profile of your various activities on a device.

The data collection process appears to be a violation that tracks each user’s preferences for advertising purposes.

These apps track each device user utilizing an advertising ID, which is difficult to notice and change. These IDs are unique signatures like an IMEI, MAC address, or Android ID in the case of Android devices.

Subsequently, tech experts implemented various privacy measures to address this subtle data theft from Android and other devices.

But with the development of ever-changing technologies, app developers quickly learn how to bypass these measures and get advertising data from users.

However, there are Android applications created to monitor and provide data from a user’s device. Unlike the advertising data and user preference monitoring described before, these phone tracker apps for Android collect more personal and real-time information and monitor mostly employees and kids on their Android devices.

Mobile tracking has evolved through the years, with different applications being made with varying features. Each phone tracker brand wants to help its customers get the total value of their services.

Some tracking apps have multiple features to cover a wide range of functions and create optimum customer satisfaction.

These phone tracking applications are not meant for privacy violations or stalking; their principal objective is to give digital and physical protection to your families and businesses.

As for privacy violation concerns, you have the right to track a person with the person’s consent, and you are allowed to track a child below eighteen years of age if you are acting as a legal guardian.

Android phone tracker applications come in different shapes and sizes. Before we talk about the best phone tracker app for Android, let’s understand what a phone tracker application is.

What is a Phone Tracker App?

A phone tracker application is software installed on a device to track and monitor its activities, like text messages, call logs, location, and other information.

This application can monitor and track various devices like mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. Some of these tracker apps can track both Android and iOS devices.

They are employed mainly by employers to monitor their employees and parents to keep track of their children’s activities.


With hundreds of mobile Android tracking apps out there, you might find it difficult to locate the best phone tracker app for Android or simply picking the best suited to your needs.

Various mobile tracking applications come with different features and qualities. Some have only standard options such as GPS data and monitoring.

In contrast, others give in-depth information of a user’s activities like browsing history, remote camera access, call logs, text messages, and even social media monitoring.

Tracking a user’s device comes easy using the best phone tracker apps for Android. Still, others may offer limitations, such as incomplete invisibility on the user’s device and many more.

How Android Tracking Applications Work?

Android tracking applications work by using a GPS feature that provides the location of the targeted device on a map.

The Global Positioning System is connected to different satellite networks, which provide location information on various devices anywhere in the world.


The positioned satellite sends signals to the earth, the GPS receives and calculates the time taken for the signal to be received and the distance between the target device and the satellite.

Android Tracking Apps

Most Android tracking applications not only provide GPS information but monitoring capabilities too. They are also referred to as spy apps which provide numerous monitoring features.

The software used to make each tracking app varies, and each is unique in its way.

One of the best phone tracker apps for Android out there is the XNSpy app. This app does everything from keeping call logs to GPS, browser history, and social media monitoring.

After installing the Android tracking app on the chosen device, you must follow the given steps and enable the application function. Then, the device is constantly monitored.

Which is the Best Phone Tracker App For Android 

The XNSpy is one of the easiest to use and safest phone tracking applications on the market. It gives a wide range of tracking and monitoring functions. Xnspy was voted the best phone tracker app for Android by technology networks like Engadget and Entrepreneur.

XNSpy enables you to monitor a user’s device by providing comprehensive data on call logs, text messages, browser history, location history, with email and social media monitoring.

It enables you to keep tabs on devices such as cell phones and tablets. XNSpy has a control panel readily available after installation that gives you unlimited access to all its features, making it a lot easier to use.

Getting started is quite simple. Begin the installation process on the device of your choosing and monitor the device from your phone or computer wherever you are.

The mobile app is totally invisible and well hidden on the phone or device it is being used on. XNSpy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Android Tracking Apps

Features of XNSpy

The XNSpy gives access to different data on the target device using its various features, some of which are:

  • GPS data and location tracking
  • Phone call recording
  • Keylogger feature; which monitors keystrokes from any messaging app on the target device 
  • A weekly punch card that presents all the calls and call durations for every hour of the day.
  • SMS tracking and recording
  • Email and online site activity tracking
  • Instant notification on marked words 
  • Record multimedia files and calendar appointments
  • Remote control ability of target device
  • Wi-Fi network logs monitoring

How The XNSpy cell phone tracking software works:


To do that, visit XNSPY.com, and you can quickly obtain a license. You can choose from the different mobile monitoring subscription plans and also your payment method.

Download and Installation:

After your subscription, you are provided with an emailed download link that enables you to download the app for installation. This emailed download link comes in the form of a license key with an installation link.

You can install the XNSpy app on the device of your choice, and the installation takes a few minutes. Then you will need to give the applications specific permissions to properly access and monitor the device.


After downloading and installing the app on the device of your choosing, you conclude the setup procedure by logging into your XNSpy dashboard using the account information provided for you.

After this, go to the control panel, where you can view the targeted device and access all app features in minutes. It is easy to track call records, messages, email, GPS location, and many other processes on the device.

XNSpy for Parents & Employees

Android Tracking Apps

Due to cases of cyberbullying, you do not only need to protect your kids physically but digitally too. Children could face dangers online from people they know and don’t know.

For a business organization, losing a work phone or device could lead to losing valuable data or even worse, i.e., risk of exposure to other competitors.

For Parental Use: XNSpy allows parents or legal guardians to monitor their children’s devices. As a parent, you can quickly locate your child’s device, listen to their surroundings, and monitor their calls, text, and social media anywhere anytime. 

Android Tracking Apps

For Corporate Use: The app enables business owners to locate their employees and monitor their services. They can receive proximity alerts when their workers exit or enter the workplace. To save your work details and documents on your Android device from theft or misplacement, XNSpy is the app for you. It is easily one of the best phone tracker app for Android around.

Final Words

Android tracking apps are beneficial tools in monitoring the activities of your employees and kids alike. Choosing the best phone tracker app for Android is the safest and most reliable way to track your Android devices.

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