Instagram In-Memorial Feature Rolling Out Sooner

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Do you ever think that what happened to Facebook or Instagram account of a person after his/her death? According to a record, there are more than 30 million dead people, on Facebook, and every day about 10,000 Facebook users died. So, what Facebook does with their account?


Four years back Facebook found the solution for this problem and added a new feature to their application for “Legacy contact”. According to Facebook, the person you have chosen as legacy contact will be able to post on your timeline, he/she can respond to the new friend request, and also can update your profile photo. The legacy contact can control and manage the profile of the person who has passed. The new Instagram In-Memorial Feature will work like the Legacy Contact feature on Facebook.

Instagram In-Memorial Feature

Instagram In-Memorial Feature

Now, Facebook is trying to operate the same in-memorial function on Instagram, according to Jane Wong. According to Jane, who is doing reverse-engineering of the application “Yes, we’re making changes to help people identify if an Instagram account belongs to someone who has passed away. We’ll have more to share on this at a later time”.

The Instagram in-memorial feature is not completed but it is under development, and soon it will be seen into the application, this feature is going to be helpful and people can control account of their closed ones after they are passed away.

In this era of uncertain time and massive deaths, this in-memorial feature would be reliable for Instagram users. I hope Instagram will eventually release their new in-memorial feature. So that Instagram users can also handle account of their close-ones after they are passed away as Facebook users can do.

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