New Messenger Rooms: Video Call Up To 50 People

Messenger Rooms
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Social Distancing is the only way to stay safe during this coronavirus pandemic, but all of us also want to stay connected with our families, loved ones, friends, relatives, known ones, etc. and technology is the only option for us to stay in touch and updated. Facebook took a step forward and announces its new Messenger Rooms during this pandemic so that we can stay connected with our families and friends. But most of us have so much confusion regarding Messenger Rooms, its functioning, its security, the way of working, and many more.


So here in this article, we will discuss all the features and functioning of the Messenger Rooms, so read the complete article till the end.

What are Messenger Rooms?

Messenger rooms

Messenger room is a video conferencing feature in Facebook’s Messenger app, where you can enjoy a group video call up to 50 people. In simple words, a user can host a group video call and can connect up to 50 people without any time limit. Messenger room will be the better option to spend quality time with your loved ones, even during this lockdown, no matter how far you all are, you can always be stay connected and updated, and Facebook’s messenger room will make it more interesting by providing a face-to-face conversation without any time limit and up to 50 people.

How Messenger Room work?

It is very easy to create a room and invite people to join the video-conferencing call. You can simply create a room from Messenger or Facebook and can invite anyone to join the call, even if they don’t have a Facebook account. You don’t need to call anyone or to send a message to join the room, you can start and share the room through your Facebook news feed, groups, events, so it will be easy for the people to receive and join the room.

During the video call, for first six participants, the screen will be divided into a grid and you will be able to see all the six people, but if the number of participants increases from six, so you will be able to see the face of the speaker, i.e. all the member can see the face of the person who is speaking, instead of everyone, this is the unique method introduced in Messenger room.

How to Join a Call?

If anyone of your friend has created a room that is open to you, so you can easily see it through Facebook. When you are invited to a room you can join the group-chat with your phone or computer no need to download any extra application. If you are having pre-installed Facebook’s Messenger app on your phone, so you can also use AR effects during a video call.

Privacy Features of Messenger Room

Facebook always take care of our privacy and hence Facebook is providing some privacy features into the messenger room, so that you can chat freely, without worrying about that someone can listen to you, some of the privacy features of Messenger Rooms are

  • After creating a room, the host can control that who can see the room, and who can join it.
  • Locking: The Host can lock the room to avoid further people join it, except the Group admin if the video-call is initiated in a group.
  • Removing a member: The host (creator of the room) can remove the people from the call, and if any member is removed by the host so the room will be locked automatically, and then the host needs to unlock the room to let the other participants join.
  • Leaving: As a participant, you can leave the room anytime you want, no matter if the room is locked. A room is locked doesn’t mean that you have to stay there, you can leave a room whenever you want to.
  • Blocking: If you have blocked someone on Facebook or Messenger, so they will never be able to join the group you are in and you won’t be able to join theirs.


Messenger rooms are designed keeping security in mind, Facebook has worked separately on the security of rooms, room invite link are tough to hack and will be a sequence of random characters and digits at the end; with numbers and digits in different cases and in a different order. So this will make rooms more secure and less prone to hackers. Each time you create a room, it will have a different invite link with a totally different sequence of alphanumeric characters, and this will make it more challenging for the hackers to guess.

Moreover, no one can know about your chat or whatever you say inside the room. Facebook or any other (except the participants of the room) will never know that what you were talking about.


If you are joining a group with a Facebook account, no one from the room will know about your profile and personal information except your name, and if you are joining the room without logging in to Facebook, then your basic details will be asked like your name, which will help other participants and host to identify you.

Messenger rooms are arriving as a blessing during this pandemic, where everyone wants to be connected while keeping social distancing in mind, Messenger rooms will be the best option to stay connected. I hope all the new updates will arrive soon for both Android and iOS.

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