The internet came, and it brought tremendous changes in our lives. That is why it’s possible to retrieve someone’s information secretly and remotely. While some have been doing it for illegal purposes, spying has helped many.


A worried parent at work is satisfied to know that his/her kid is at home. If there is a nanny, she should be around too, which is made possible through spying. It also applies in work situations if you need to keep your workers in check.

The above tells you why people invest in spying solutions. If you are in that category, then read on how to spy on someone’s phone secretly.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose only. Don’t disturb anyone’s privacy without their permission. We, at TechLatest cannot be held responsible for any loss.

How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Secretly

Part 1: Spy on Someone’s Phone Secretly with Neatspy

If you want to spy on a phone secretly, your method should be as discreet as possible. Silence is critical, especially when you are doing it without their consent. If you use Neatspy, it will guarantee you that and more.

Parents and employers across the globe have benefited from this stout application. That implies there is something it has that most solutions don’t possess. You can use it on both Android and iOS devices without rooting or jailbreaking them.

The execution of cutting-edge technologies makes sure that such tricks are not applicable. So, you don’t have to think of ways to alter the phone to get exclusive features. As you use it, its identity stays covered through the stealth mode specification.

It helps Neatspy’s icon to remain hidden and allow the app to work in the background. Apart from no alteration, your target will also never see the application. When it’s time to use it, you only need a few minutes to get started.

After creating an account, Androids will require you to install the application once on the phone. If the victim has an iOS, Neatspy uses the iCloud ID to get the iPhone’s details. So, for Apple gadgets, there is no need for installation.


Regardless of the phone’s platform, you will always view the results remotely. You can learn more on the Neatspy website to see how the results trickle into your account. There is a demo page that demonstrates how the 30+ features work while on the control panel.

Here is a highlight of what you will be viewing.

Part 2: Neatspy Remote Monitoring Features

Call Log and Contacts

This is the most fundamental function of a phone. That is why Neatspy will never skip any incoming or outgoing call from the targeted phone. The details will also contain the contact details, timestamps, and call duration.

The contacts specification will hold all the saved numbers on the phone for you.

Location and Geofencing

Do you want to know where the target goes to all the time? The Locations feature will tell you the exact place and all the other visited areas. It uses GPS or connected Wi-Fi to do that. Another way to use Neatspy is to restrict movements. 

The Geofencing option helps you to set up perimeters around the hot zones. If the target crosses the line, you will get a notification via the set email.


Social Media Activities

We are all currently on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder, WhatsApp, etc. Neatspy will also capture them and show you the messages, contacts, attached files, and timestamps. You will be getting the updates as soon as they happen on the targeted phone.

Photos and Videos

These two features will capture the media files stored on the device. The pictures and the videos will all be on the dashboard when you click on each. Neatspy also gives you a chance to download them if you need to use them later.

You can visit the main website to capture the rest of the features. Once you access your account, they will all be aligned on the control panel after the setup. It’s user-friendly and also works with all browsers.

So, using Neatspy means getting the results no matter where you are. Since you will be getting the data remotely, the app makes sure you are the only one seeing it. It does that by syncing the information to your account when you log in.

That implies there is nothing stored if you are not viewing the updates.

Part 3: How to Spy on a Phone Secretly Using Neatspy


  1. Neatspy works with Android 4.0 and above. Get the phone to install the app once
  2. For Apple, it’s compatible with iOS 7.0 or later. Use the iPhone’s iCloud ID
  3. Internet connection
  4. Email address

Steps to Start Spying

Step 1: Register an account on the main website using your email address and a password. Proceed to choose one of the best plans and complete the payment.


Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email with the logins, receipt, and instructions to setup. There will also be a download link for the Android case.

Step 3: For Android, use the link to install Neatspy on the victim’s phone. Ensure that you activate stealth mode by ticking the ‘Hide Application’ option. After that, finish the installation and re-access your account remotely.

Step 4: In iOS, once you see the email, get back to your account, and verify the target’s iCloud ID. Next, select the device you want to spy and wait for the synchronization to complete.

Step 5: When you log into your account, there will be a dashboard with the phone’s summary. The features you need for spying will be on the left menu.

Use them to see what the target phone has in store.



Neatspy can maintain all the secrecy you need if you want to be quiet as you spy. It does not require any compromising phone tricks, and there is stealth mode to cover the tracks. It leaves the targeted phone as it was, but it’s very active in the background.

When it’s time to uninstall it, you can do it remotely without the phone’s user noticing. The control panel has many control functions, and that includes the uninstallation button. All you have to do is click, and the app will go away.

Now, it’s time for you to try and see how it works!



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