Whether you’re a die-hard Apple fan or just curious about what’s new, this column will keep you up-to-date on everything happening with one of the world’s most innovative and influential companies. This column of our blog will focus on the latest news, rumors, and reviews of Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and more.

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Word (Windows and Mac)?
May 11, 2022

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Word (Windows and Mac)?

Microsoft has also introduced dark mode in its products and if you are looking for a way to turn it off, then here is how you can…
May 8, 2022

How Long Can You Screen Record On iPhone?

Screen recording has been around for quite some time now. There was a time when you had to use a video camera or camcorder to capture videos…
Apple Mail
Jan 16, 2023

[Solved] Your Network Preferences Prevent Content from Loading Privately

If you have upgraded your iPhone or Mac to latest version, you might have noticed the error ‘your network preferences prevent content from loading privately’.
Apple Logo
Oct 18, 2022

How To Unlink iPad From iPhone?

Want to unlink iPad from iPhone? If yes, then this guide is for you. Click Now!
Fast Share by Google
Jun 30, 2019

Google’s ‘Fast Share’ is Going to be a Strong Competitor of AirDrop

Fast Share by Google will prove a strong competitor of AirDrop which will basically work without internet through Bluetooth and Wifi Direct.

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