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Chrome Video Downloader
Feb 7, 2022

Top 7 Best Chrome Video Downloader

Hopefully, everyone enjoys watching videos, although the content varies from person to person and varies with age. For example, a kid will love to watch cartoon videos.…
Latest Windows 10 ISO
Feb 7, 2022

Fix: Pip is not recognized as an internal or external command

"pip is not recognized as an internal or external command" error occurs when you try to install some module or package for some program using the “pip”…
Google Slides

How to Add Audio to Google Slides

We are going to show you how to Add Audio to Google Slides. You don’t need to add music with lyrics because soft background music can also…
Sep 26, 2022

15 Best Manga Sites to Read Manga Online

As a form of entertainment, manga has become increasingly popular among all people regardless of age, nationality, or gender in recent years. Manga refers to Japanese comics…
Unlocked Android
Nov 12, 2022

How To Overclock And Underclock Android Phone

Do you want to boost up your Android phone's performance? Or want to save your battery life? Then know, How to Overclock and underclock your Android Phone.
install android q beta
Jul 3, 2019

How To Install Android Q Beta in Any Device

In this article we shown an tutorial on how to install android q beta in any device with the help generic system image provided by google.
install android sdk
Jan 6, 2019

How to install the Android SDK

Most of us will never need to install Android SDK. It's built for people who need tools to work with Android from a computer.
root android device
Dec 15, 2019

How to Root Your Android Device

Many of the Android phones available didn't live up to their potential, and root was the answer. So here is how to Root Android Device.
kali linux in android phone
Jul 15, 2019

How to Install Kali Linux in Any Android Phone

Kali Linux is often referred to as “Hacker’s paradise”. So today we are going to install Kali Linux in android phone.
soft block
Oct 24, 2020

How to Soft Block People on Twitter

Here's how you can actually force them to unfollow you without them reallly knowing what happened by Soft Block Technique

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