The iPhone is an excellent platform to use some advanced features. However, it makes it much more difficult to track the device with its phone number. Although it is a good security feature, you can still find difficulties in knowing the owner of a phone number.


However, you do not need to worry about it anymore. Today, we will share a method that will help you track down an iPhone’s owner by just entering the phone number.

Before you start thinking of it as a complicated process, let us clear something. The process is quite simple and does not require any registration to work.

All you need to do is understand the concept and use the platform that we will cover in this article. So, let’s start and discuss what you need to know about how to track someone’s iPhone right here.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose only. Don’t disturb anyone’s privacy without their permission. We, at TechLatest cannot be held responsible for any loss.

What is Phone Number Tracking? How Does it Work?


Phone number tracking is a process that helps you check the registered details of a phone number. It is helpful when you are receiving calls from an unknown number and you want to know about that person. You can simply use a phone lookup service and get the details you wanted.

It works by gathering public information from different sources and providing them on a single platform. The working of this service is much like a search engine that crawls pages for information. However, it does not require you to check the links as you can get the results through a report.

It contains everything that you need to know about the person. Thus, it is a much better way to check someone’s details remotely. 

However, you need a reliable solution to track an iPhone by phone number. Here is our choice for the task.



CocoFinder is one of the leading platforms that offer public information to its visitors. You can search its vast database to get any information you want. All the information comes from government agencies and other credible sources.


Thus, you can trust the information without any worries. It has different features such as People Finder, Address lookup, phone lookup, and much more. Hence, you can continue with your searches on this platform.

The user-interface of this website is pretty engaging and makes it much easier for the users to use the services. Anyone with or without technical knowledge can get complete information from this platform.

How to Track any Phone Number with CocoFinder

There are a few things that you must know before tracking a device with CocoFinder. Please know that you can only track the phone number details and not the actual location of the device. However, there are still some indirect ways to track the location with this application.

Here’s how you can do it:

Part1: Getting Owner’s Details

Step1- Open the website by clicking on the link that we provided in the previous section. You can also visit it by searching it on google. After visiting the website, click on the Phone Lookup feature from the homepage. It will take you to a new page.


Step2- Once you are on the phone lookup service page, you can enter the phone number that you want to track. There is an option to add the area to improve the search results. Leave it blank if you are not sure about it. Hit the search button after verifying the details.

Step3- Wait for the platform to run some checks. It will take a few seconds. After that, you can open a report where you can check the owner’s details such as name and other contact details. Refer to these details to know more about them.

Part2: Checking Location With CocoFinder


Now, you can use this information to check the owner’s details. Click on the people search feature from the same page and enter the name of that person. You will be able to check the previous locations of the person conveniently.

Note: Please check the privacy policy of this website before getting this information. 

Why We Love CocoFinder?

You can find thousands of platforms that claim to help you find this information. However, more than 90% of them are useless and do not get a single profile that you search for. On the other hand, CocoFinder has a success rate of 96% which means you can get proper information here.

Additionally, there is no registration required, and users can browse the website without any limitations. It helps in improving the user experience and also protects privacy from third-party applications.


Thus, it is one of the best options for people who want to track an iPhone while maintaining their privacy. Another big reason behind the popularity of this website is its wide range of services.

Here are some of them:

Background Check: You can perform a background check on someone from the same platform. All you need is to enter the name and wait for the servers to get every detail about their records. It also includes the criminal records of the person.

WhitePages: It helps you find the professionals without having any name or phone number. This service is helpful when you want to connect with a service provider urgently. It works as conventional books, but you can access it whenever you want. 

Address Lookup: This feature helps you check the details related to a property. You can perform an address lookup while buying some new property to get details related to the address and its previous owners. You can also get complete records of the neighborhood so that you can decide whether it is the right area for you.


There are many other features that you can find on this platform. Thus, we recommend checking out the website before making a decision.

Final Words

You no longer need to depend on information centers for information. You can use this platform and its services to get complete data about a phone number. It is free, convenient, and does not require any registration to work.

Thus, it is an excellent option for everyone.



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