Apple is Releasing iOS 16 Soon; Here are the Cool Features

By Aashish Verma


When iOS 16 comes out, you can get rid of your old lock screen and start customizing your phone in a whole new way. As part of its fall iPhone event on Wednesday, Apple announced when iOS 16 would come out.

Ability to Edit and Unsend Message

First, iOS 16 will let you change messages you've already sent. Next, you can immediately unsend messages if sent accidentally. Last, you can mark messages and threads as unread.

Modifiable Lock Screen

You can adjust the time and date typefaces and add widgets like a calendar and temperature. Moreover, the photo shuffle option automatically changes your lock screen photos.

Notifications and live activities

Instead of a list, iOS 16 notifications appear as a vertical carousel at the bottom of your display. Live Activities lets you monitor real-time events from your lock screen.


iOS 16 will replace unpleasant interactions like CAPTCHA with Private Access Tokens. Websites that support the token will log you in and verify you're human without CAPTCHA.

Focus mode updates

With the addition of particular Focus filters, apps on your iPhone can now use the Focus mode. For instance, in Safari, you can control how many tabs are displayed based on the selected Focus mode.

iOS 16 Release Date

The newest version of iOS 16 will roll out on Sept. 12.

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