Best 2FA Apps to Secure Your Online Account

By Shekhar Vaidya


2FA applications give an additional layer of security for your online account, making it harder for hackers to get unauthorized access.


The best feature of Authy is its encrypted backups. Anytime you switch between devices, you must open the application on the new phone and input your phone number.

A prompt will appear on your older device where you need your designated phrase, and the tokens will be transferred to the new device.

Google Authenticator

It is the easiest to use and doesn’t even have any settings. It allows you to add a new token (a token is a code generator for any given account), or you can even delete one.

The con is that you might have to download another one of the 2FA applications if you don’t like the user interface or want more features.

Microsoft Authenticator

This has more features than Google Authenticator. The major benefits are that you can easily configure it to hide codes and offer extra features if you log in using a Microsoft account.

The major cons are that the internal clocks can unsync between the device and the service, resulting in invalid codes. It isn’t available for macOS and browsers too.

Two-factor verification is a significant step to ensure your important accounts to be safe at any point in time.

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