Exciting Feature for Insta Users Who Wants to Share Someone Else's Post 

By Aashish Verma


On September 8th, a Meta official acknowledged that they would soon begin testing the repost feature on a small number of users.

Origin of Concept

It's possible that Twitter's Retweet feature gave birth to the idea of reposting on social media, which has since spread to other sites.

Where will it Appear?

In Instagram's case, reposts will appear in your followers' feeds and on your profile in the repost tab.

Benefit of Repost Feature?

The addition of a repost capability could assist original posters get recognition when their work is extensively shared.

Why This Matters

Instagram users previously had to repost content through a third-party tool. Any social profile tied to 3rd party apps risks privacy and security issues.

Adam's profile appears to be the first to have Reposts in the wild. Instagram may have planned this for a while and is secretly rolling out the Beta test.

TikTok has also joined the trend of reposting by trying out its own way of doing it. TikTok has a feature called "Repost" that lets users share certain content with their followers.

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