Google Introduces Maps and Search Widgets for iOS 16 Lock Screen 

By Aashish Verma

Google released iOS 16 widgets for iPhone users, which had previously been announced. The tech giant introduced new lock screen widgets for iOS 16 in September.

Two Lock Screen Widgets

According to 9To5Google, the Google Maps 6.40 update brings the Frequent Trips and Search lock screen widgets to iOS 16.

Frequent Trip & Search

"Frequent Trips" gives directions and an estimated arrival time for frequent trips. The "Search" button, on the other hand, helps you find restaurants, gas stations, and other places.

4 New iOS 16 Widgets

According to a report, iOS 16's updated Search adds four new widgets: Search, Voice Search, Lens, and Lens Shortcuts.

Search & Voice Search

"Search" opens Google Search from the Lock Screen, while "Voice Search" lets you ask a question, hum a song, or search by voice.

Lens & Lens Shortcuts

"Lens" allows camera or image searches. "Lens Shortcuts" let you quickly switch lenses.


"Passkey" security was just added to Android and Chrome. Passkeys are a safer authentication method than passwords.

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