Here's What the Rumors Say About Apple Watch Pro

By Aashish Verma


Here is the list of upgrades and features in the rumored Apple Watch Pro that could be one of several new products Apple announces on Sept. 7.

A Robust Design

According to Bloomberg, the Pro is anticipated to have a screen roughly 2 inches diagonally and around 7% more screen area than the Series 7.

Extended Battery Life

Additionally, the Apple Watch Pro will have a longer battery life than the Series 8 model. That would be significant for outdoor runners, as GPS generally drains smartwatch batteries.

Tracking of Health and Fitness

It will probably be able to test blood oxygen levels from the wrist and take an ECG.

Satellite Connectivity

According to rumors, Apple is working on satellite communication for the iPhone, allowing it to send texts in an emergency even when cellular coverage isn't available.

More sensors

A handful of the several sensors on the Apple Watch include an accelerometer, gyroscope, electrical heart sensor, and optical heart sensor.

Launch Date

The Apple Watch usually comes out soon after an Apple event, but there have been exceptions.

Expected Pricing

We can probably expect the Apple Watch Pro to cost more than the Series 8 because it has more features.

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