Instagram has Fixed the Bug that Plays Stories Sound by Default

By Aashish Verma

Instagram has released a new update for its iOS app that fixes an audio bug that made it hard for iPhone users to use the Stories feature.

How to Mute Sound?

Users can change this setting and hear the audio in the Stories by tapping on the story once (tapping it twice will mute it again) or using the volume rockers to make the sound louder.

How Instagram dealt with the bug

This issue has been resolved with the latest version of Instagram for iOS – please update to the latest version of the app available in the App Store,” the Meta spokesperson stated.

Updated Version

We can confirm that the mute button works again after updating to version 252.0 from the App Store. Stories and Reels only play audio when we specifically request it.

Does the Bug Affect iOS 16?

This problem began manifesting far before the iOS 16 release and is also present in iOS 15. Regardless of your iOS version, you must upgrade your Instagram app to fix the bug.

What About Android?

The same principles apply when using Instagram Stories on an Android phone: When your phone is muted, Stories are silent, and audio only plays when you use the volume controls.

If you're having trouble, download Instagram for iOS from the App Store. The sound will be muted when you open an Instagram Story on a silent iPhone.

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