Instagram Might Introduce BeReal-Like Candid Challenges

By Aashish Verma


Instagram is testing a new feature called Candid Challenges, which resembles BeReal, a photo-sharing app popular among Gen. Z. 

Founded By

Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer who is known for reverse engineering apps and finding early versions of upcoming updates, found the feature before it came out.

About New Feature

Instagram users participating in Candid Challenges will see a notification at a different time each day to snap a photo of their surroundings.

More About Feature

Upon getting the prompt, the Instagram camera will also open with both front and rear-facing shooters, giving users a two-minute window to snap a picture.

Launch of New Feature

It's not yet clear if or when Instagram intends to launch the feature. An Instagram spokesperson described the feature as an "internal prototype" that's "not testing externally." 

Mark Zuckerberg has said Meta’s future relies on appealing to young adults, who are increasingly spending their time on non-Meta platforms.

Recent Feature

Instagram also recently added a new "Dual" setting to its in-app camera that mimics the shooting style popularized by BeReal.

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