Meta’s Next VR Headset is Coming this October

By Aashish Verma


Zuckerberg said the device is coming in October at Meta's Connect conference, In an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Key Features 

It can track your facial expressions and represent them on your virtual avatar.

"When you're on a video call, you don't actually feel like you're there with the person. To me, what virtual reality unlocks is that it really convinces your brain that you're there," - Zuckerberg added.

Launch Date

He also said that Meta's AR glasses won't come out for a few years but that the headset that will be released in October will have some mixed reality features.

Name of Headset

Bloomberg said last month that code in Meta's iPhone app for VR headsets suggested that the headset's name will be "Meta Quest Pro."

Price of Headset

Zuckerberg described it as a “pretty big step above Oculus 2,” so it will be significantly costlier than $400.

Over the past few months, many industry experts have said that Meta won't be able to keep selling headsets at a loss, especially since Apple is about to enter the market as a big competitor.

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