Nothing OS 1.1.3 Update Brings Major Camera Improvements

By Aashish Verma


The Nothing Phone 1, which came out in the middle of July, got a new over-the-air (OTA) firmware update on 18-Aug that brings some changes to the camera.

Camera Update 1

Those who take a lot of selfies will be happy to hear that the front-facing camera has improved with the new update.

Camera Update 2

Processing times for photographs and videos taken in Night Mode and with HDR settings have been reduced.

Camera Update 3

Photos taken with the ultra-wide-angle camera will have higher color saturation, less camera noise, and more sharpness when zoomed in.

Battery Update

The option to turn on Google's Adaptive Battery has been added to Nothing, which is good news for people who want their phone's battery to work better.

Bugs have been Fixed

A bug that caused the lock screen to crash when a notification was tapped has finally been fixed. Along with small changes to the user interface, general bug fixes have also been made.

As an added bonus, the phone will remind you to clean the camera lens, just in case of smudges.

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