Samsung Launches Galaxy Self-Repair Program

By Aashish Verma


Earlier this year, Samsung announced that it would allow Galaxy device owners the option to repair their gadgets themselves 

Devices Included

Launching for the Galaxy S21 and S20 lines of smartphones, as well as the Tab S7 Plus, device owners won’t need to discard their smartphones and tablets if they’re malfunctioning 

Repair Guide

Samsung is providing full access to online repair guides that give step-by-step instructions on how to fix specific issues and replace crucial elements 

Different Ways to Repair

The self-repair program also offers a few different ways for you to connect with professionals to do repairs for you 

Price Of Repair

When it comes to the price of the substitute pieces, Samsung will sell them to you at the same price as the company sells to affiliate repair providers 

Additional Benefits

In addition to lowering the cost of device replacement, Samsung’s self-repair program also helps limit the amount of tech waste that has quickly become a major contributor to landfills 

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