Sony Announces New APS-C Sensored FX30 Cinema Line Camera

By Aashish Verma

Sony's FX30 is similar to the full-frame FX3, launched in February 2021, but has a 26-megapixel Super35/APS-C backside-illuminated CMOS sensor.

Power of Camera

A 26MP APS-C backside-illuminated CMOS sensor powers the FX30, can record 4K/120p video with a 1.62x crop, and oversampled 4K (from 6K) at up to 60P.

Recording Modes

The Sony FX30 has 16:9 recording settings that allow for 10-bit 4:2:2 capture. The camera contains an HDMI Type-A connector that can be used to export 4K, 16-bit RAW to an external recorder.

Custom LUTs

You may also upload customized LUTs (lookup tables) to the FX30 to see how your Log footage will appear in post-production.

Other Features

The Sony FX30 will have quick autofocus, Real-time Eye AF (human, animal, or bird), Real-time Tracking, Detailed AF settings, and AF Assist.


The FX30 uses the same NP-FZ100 battery as other Sony Alpha cameras, however USB-C power is also available.

Launch & Price

The Sony FX30 will go on sale in October 2022 for only $1799 for the body. For better audio options, you may purchase it in a kit with the additional XLR adapter/top handle for $400 extra.

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