Top Apps to Use as iOS 16 Lock Screen Widget

By Aashish Verma


We've gathered several third-party applications that have the option to be used as a widget on the new iOS 16 lock screen.


Flighty has widget options. When you're ready to travel, you may view your gate code, seat number, and takeoff time. When in flight, you can see a progress indicator; when you land, you can see your arrival gate, weather, and baggage carousel.


You may use Facebook's widgets to discover which of your friends have birthdays and to obtain the latest news from the people you follow.


Reddit app Apollo offers entertaining widgets. There's a widget for trending articles, a scrolled distance widget, a karma widget, and an inbox widget for unread messages.

Scanner Pro

The straightforward widget packaged with Scanner Pro enables you to tap directly to launch the camera and begin scanning documents.

Gmail, Chrome, and Map

– Google: Open the app to start a search using text, voice, or the camera – Gmail: See how many messages you have in your inbox – Chrome: Start a search, including one using voice recognition or incognito mode

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather contains 13 weather widgets. You can choose a Snark widget that displays snarky comments or widgets that contain conditions, high and low, daily forecast, wind, UV index, humidity, and visibility

Paku for PurpleAir

Paku has been updated with a widget that adds air quality information to the Lock Screen for people who prefer to track air quality using PurpleAir

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