A Hotel Worker Shared Unboxing Video of Meta Quest Pro before its Launch

By Aashish Verma


Ramiro Cardenas provided photographs in the 'Oculus Quest 2' Facebook group with Quest Pro packaging labeled 'NOT FOR RESALE - ENGINEERING SAMPLE.'


Cardenas said that the boxes were left at the hotel where he works. Similar to Quest 2, the package indicates how much storage is included; in this case, it states 256 GB.


Based on pictures of the headset that YouTuber Bradley Lynch claims to have seen, it looks like the headset has five external cameras: three on the front and one on each side.

Tracking Rings

Meta's first teaser video shows that the new controllers don't have tracking rings. Instead, they have built-in cameras that can track from the inside out.


Meta still calls Quest Pro "Project Cambria," which it was called when it was announced at Connect 2021. In May, the company said it would cost "significantly" more than $800.

LCD Panels

Compared to the Quest 2's standard LCDs, which only had about 1832×1920 pixels per eye, the new Quest Pro will have two 2160×2160 Mini-LED LCD displays.

Launch Date

Mark Zuckerberg told Joe Rogan two weeks ago that Quest Pro will launch in October. Meta's annual AR/VR conference is set for Oct. 11.

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