Here is Why Pixel 7 Camera is Considered to be One of the Best

By Aashish Verma


Google Pixel 7 has several interesting camera features. Here are some reasons why the phone could be one of the best camera phones.

Pixel 7 can fix Blurry Pictures

Google Pixel 7 users may take blur-free images. Photo Unblur, a new function on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, can quickly bring fuzzy photographs into focus.

How Photo Unblur Works?

Photo Unblur eliminates blur and noise so you can relive the moment. It works on photos from other phones or cameras and scanned photographs.

Magic Eraser for Distractions

Magic Eraser can detect photobombers, power lines, and power poles. Just tap or use circle or brush to remove the unwanted area.

Make the Subject Clear with Portrait Blur

Portrait mode on the Pixel Camera highlights your topic. Also, using Portrait blur, Google Photos can blur the background of people, pets, food, flowers, and more.

HDR Effect in Photos

If you have older photos with a dark foreground and bright background, the HDR effect balances brightness and contrast so you can see every detail.

Collage Editor

With the Pixel 7, you can use the new collage editor to make collages that you can share. Choose up to six photos and choose one of the designs from which Pixel users can choose.

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