YouTube is Testing 4K Resolution a Premium-only Feature

By Aashish Verma

YouTube is experimenting with a paid package that allows users to stream 4K videos. YouTube Premium users can see the videos in 4K resolution.

Premium Option

Some viewers claimed that instead of mentioning the video's 4K resolution, the text stated "premium option."

Is There a Free Trial?

Google provides a free trial of YouTube Premium for one month to new users. You'll receive a reminder seven days before your trial period expires.

Can we Get if Free?

When you buy a given item or sign up for a specific service plan, third-party sellers or providers may provide free streaming subscriptions, even for a few months.

Are there any Premium Deals?

There are no YouTube Premium offers right now, but you can save money by choosing the annual plan.

Benefits of Premium

The company thinks this paid policy will help it learn more about users' wants. Understanding how both the free and paid platforms work will be easier.

Student Perks

YouTube Premium is $7 per month for students. The student plan has no annual subscription option.

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