Royal Ransomware Uses the Blacksuit Encryptor to Attack Enterprises



Royal Ransomware is a ransomware group comprising the pen-testers and those associated with Conti Team 1 & other recruits.

It was launched in 2023 and is believed to be the successor of Conti, which shut down last year.

Since its launch, the ransomware has been responsible for several attacks on enterprises.

Royal Ransomware Group has started testing a new encryptor with many similarities with the regular campaign encryptor.

As per the researchers, The experiments by the ransomware group with new lockers are natural in that sense.

There has been enough rumble that the Royal ransomware was getting re-branded under a new name.

Although, we may not see a rebrand as there are clear similarities between Blacksuit and Royal ransomware.

It is unclear how Blacksuit will be used, though it is still used in some attacks.

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