WordPress Plugin XSS Exploit: Attacks Target Beautiful Cookie Consent Banner



Defiant, a WordPress security company, observed an attack targeting an XSS exploit in a WordPress Plugin, Beautiful Cookie Consent Banner.

The vulnerability has been actively attacked since February 5, 2023, & this has been the largest attack against it.

Cross-site scripting is an injection in which the attacker injects malicious scripts into trusted websites.

The threat actor sends a malicious code to a different user, as in the browser-side script.

The effect can include unauthorized access to sensitive information, session seizer & more.

In spite of the large-scale nature of this attack activity, as per Gall, the threat actor uses a misconfigured exploit.

The threat actors who are behind this activity can likely infect those that remain exposed.

The admins or website owners using the plugin are advised to update the plugin to the latest version.

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