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Feb 28, 2023

What does SOS only Mean on iPhone?

Are you unable to make calls on your iPhone? Do you see the status and think, what does SOS only mean on iPhone? If yes, click here…
Feb 22, 2023

How To Record Facetime With Audio?

This feature is not only suitable for those who want to record a family call but also for those who decide to record a call or an…
Feb 9, 2023

How to Stop Calls on iPhone Without Blocking?

Do you wish to avoid certain calls on your iPhone but don't want to block them? Are you looking for ways to stop calls on your iPhone…
Feb 7, 2023

[Fix] My iPhone Keeps Turning On and Off

An iPhone turning continuously on or off is a serious issue. Off late, many iPhone users have reported that their phone automatically turns on or off. Sometimes,…
Feb 6, 2023

[Solved] Why Won’t Snapchat Download on my iPhone?

Streaking daily, connecting with friends on the go, and trying out fantastic selfie filters is a different delight. Yes, we are talking about Snapchat. Further, your iPhone…
Delete Safari History Featured
Feb 4, 2023

How to Remove Frequently Visited on iPhone (Safari Browser)?

Safari's Frequently Visited section gives you quick access your the sites you use most often. However, if you longer need to access them, then it would affect…
iPhone Apps
Feb 3, 2023

How to Remove Subscriptions on iPhone?

With so many subscriptions on your Apple ID, it becomes difficult to save up a penny towards the end of the year. Besides, if you are in…
Jan 31, 2023

Fix: “This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic.” on iOS

Do you face issues while connecting to your WiFi network on your iPhone? An error message "This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic." when you try to…
Mail App iPhone
Jan 25, 2023

Fix: Cannot Verify Server Identity Issue on iPhone

Have you been unable to share emails from your iPhone and have repeatedly seen the “cannot verify server identity” error on your iPhone? Well, there are a…
Google Lens
Jan 10, 2023

How to Use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad?

Using image recognition technology, Google Lens is a visual search tool that identifies objects and gives information about them. It can use on an iPhone to find…

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