5+ Items that You Will Not Regret Buying

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One thing that this sudden lockdown has thought me is to value the very generic electronic or digital appliances. We just don’t value these things enough. So it is better if we keep some of the electronic items stocked. These electronic items just increase usability and productivity in a very subtle way.


In this article, we have listed 5+ electronic items and non-electronics items that are unique and you will not regret buying these items and these products will just add a little charm to your home and office space.

So here is out list of 5+ items that you will not regret buying.

5+ Electronic Items that You Will Not Regret Buying

Cable Organizers

Cable Organizers

Cable management is one of the biggest issues that we lazy tech nerds face with our setup. Well, there is an easy fix for this. You can buy these cable organizers for as cheap as Rs 300 and these clips will take care of your cable management.

Good Quality Data Cable

Data Cable

Data cables are under-rated and we just take them for granted. Many of the people learned the value of data cables the hard way during the lockdown when their cheap quality data cable just broke and they had to wait forever to get a new one. So it is better to keep good quality data cable as spare. The braided ones are really good so you can buy them and be carefree for a while.

A Good Pair of Earphones


Nothing hurts more than the fact that your earphones just broke and then you had to wait for a month to get the new ones because of the complete lockdown. So, it is also very essential that you have some good quality earphones for daily use. We have a complete list of best wired and wireless earphones so you can check that out.

Multipurpose Power Strip

Multipurpose Power Strip

This is a complete game-changer, you can plug in up to 4 USB charging cables directly in this. Additionally, you also get three 3-pin plug pots so your laptop charger and other stuff can also go inside without any hassle. This product is a complete game-changer for people who have many devices to keep charged.   

Cleaning Jelly

Cleaning Jelly

This slime product is also very essential to get to the tricky spots of the keyboard and CPU and bring those dust particles out from there. You can also use it to clean up other stuff too.

Voice Assistant Speaker


A voice assistant speaker will give your house a very modern tech outlook. You can do multiple tasks with the voice assistant like controlling your house lights and switching on/off some voice assistant enabled products at your home that will automate your home. It can also be used as a speaker and personal assistant to do some jobs like setting reminders and alarms and giving you weather reports.


So these were some of the items that you will not regret buying. If you do know some other cool products, do let us know in the comments.

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