Effects of Artificial Intelligence: All you need to know

artificial intelligence
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Whenever someone mentions the word AI or Artificial Intelligence, our minds just quickly project an image of robots working, simulations and for you more creative people, an ongoing war between Robots and Humans.

This topic, in particular, has many of the famous personalities divided into two groups. The ones who are in favor of AI and the ones who are against it. If you look up to Elon Musk for his views on AI, you will be most likely convinced by now that it is not a good thing. On the other hand, Microsoft co-founder turned philanthropist Bill Gates views AI as a positive labor replacement tool, writing that an AI revolution “should be positive if we manage it well”.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI(Artificial Intelligence) displays some behaviors like planning, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, knowledge representation, perception, motion, and manipulation and to some extent, social intelligence and creativity. Interestingly all these behaviors are associated with Human Intelligence.


In Computer Science AI, also called Machine Intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines? Any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals.

With AI coming into play it is very clear that it has raised a few questions regarding the progress of technological evolution.

Effects of Artificial Intelligence

Let us discuss its good and bad points step by step.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Available 24X7

Average Human work hours are limited due to various factors like their physical capacity, their family and more. This is not the case with AI Machines. Machines can work 24X7 without wearing out or getting tired. This way many queries can be handled 24X7 by using AI.

Role in Repetitive Jobs

In our day to day routine, we have many repetitive jobs that are kind of boring like sending thank you emails, verifying documents, but using AI cognitive automation we can reduce it and have more time for us.

Rational Decision Making

Often times we need to make rational decisions that are very important and if we do not make them correctly, many lives can be in danger. We know that humans are vulnerable to non-rational thinking and often make stupid decisions because of their bias. This is where AI can be really important. For Example, A good AI security system will only allow authorized personnel to enter any secure field. This will reduce the cases of a security breach

Less Human Intervention and Taking more Risks

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of AI. The use of AI Robots has reduced human intervention at high-risk places. Now instead of risking the lives of civilians to combat zones. It is AI robots that take risks. AI Robots are sent to diffuse a bomb or to take samples from hazardous places like zone that is contaminated by radiation. Human lives are risked less now in such situations.

Assistance in Digital Field

With increased consumers on the internet, the queries are also on a surge. There is not enough human task force that could answer all of these queries at the same time. The majority of the queries are general and to answer these queries companies use AI to create Chatbots or voice bots. We see that such bots generally give satisfactory solutions to consumer problems. Also various voice assistants like Siri, Bixby, Alexa help us in daily lives.


Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Expensive Development

As there are continuous developments in the field of AI, The Hardware and Software needs to be compatible with the updates to catch up with the latest requirements. Thus, it requires heavy costs in the development of AI.


Due to AI taking over the repetitive jobs and many other jobs in the market, it has now raised concerns with experts that it will lead to unemployment. However, some experts debate that there will be a job shift. Meaning, jobs will now be more tech-centered and less mechanical centered.

Effects on Humans

AI is definitely making humans lazy as AI is automating the majority of the work. For example, you can now easily control your AC, TV, and lights laying on the bed just by your smartphone. This addiction to laziness will definitely be harmful to the future.

Lack of Consciousness

Consciousness is many things like emotions, creativity, and more. For now, we know that AI is not conscious. Meaning, it lacks emotions, creativity which are the most advanced features of Human Beings. And since it lacks these elements, AI still needs monitoring by humans.


Should We Worry?

We discussed the Advantages and Disadvantages of AI and clearly, if we do work on it in a good and controlled way, I think it will only be helpful and we are far away from Technological Singularity. You will hear many saying that in future AI will take over Human Civilization and we won’t be able to control it. Well, that future is quite far away on the given developmental timeline of AI.

Artificial Intelligence would be good if we correctly monitor the progress of it and for this, we need the experts of the field to makes sure that everything goes the right way.

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