Hi There. Are you a student or a person without any job who is struggling for his/her own pocket money to survive in this era with a lot of expenses? But you do have a talent of making sketches?
Well, then I have come up with a great solution converting your passion into a way for your daily expenses’ solution.
And this will none other than a work from home job for you.


Benefits of Work From Home

  • Your Office Can Be Any Kind
  • Your Office Can Be Anywhere—and I Mean Anywhere!
  • Your Schedule Can Be Your Own
  • You Can Keep in Touch More Easily—and Maybe Have Some Fun Doing It!\

Happy Zozo

Few words from HappyZozo,
“At Happyzozo.com we spread happiness. So what is the Secret of Happiness? Well Sharing your Happy moments again with your loved ones will bring a smile on your face. So here we are trying to capture those Happy Moments in sketches for you.  These Happy Images will for sure bring a smile on your Face and your loved ones.  So what is Happiness?  Happiness is walking in rain, Happiness is fighting with your siblings, Happiness is playing with your dog, in fact, it can be any event, moment or memory. We are trying to recreate them in the form of Sketches for you and we are sure you will love them and feel nostalgic.”


happyzozo review

happyzozo review

happyzozo review

Benefits from HappyZozo

Then here comes that why we submit our sketches to HappyZozo? Here are some of the valid points that will make you do the same:

  • Sharing happy moments with your beloved one is a pleasure
  • You will get some time for your passion forgetting all work, college, and social media
  • And here is the best part, the registered user will be paid for their sketch submissions(Rs. 15/Sketch for First 100 Sketches and then Rs. 30/Sketch after 100 Sketches)

Categories for Sketches

  • Happiness Sketch
  • Sadness Sketch
  • Love Sketch
  • Good Morning Images(Sketch)

Happyzozo Contributors and Their Payouts

happyzozo review


Happyzozo Website
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