iPhone 12’s Smaller Notch Schematic Leaked!

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Prosser is an Apple leakster who has been consistently reporting Apple-related speculations with apt accuracy. The latest leak from him reveals the schematic of the upcoming iPhone 12. There was a rumor that Apple has decided to reduce the size of the notch instead of getting rid of it. We can get an idea of how the new iPhone will have FaceID with the help of the schematic image which was tweeted by @jon_prosser.


The notch is actually small this time, and there is also a slight reduction in the bezel size. Apparently, the notch manages to have everything that is required for Face ID to work, because the notch occupies less space now it should yield a little more space in the display. Looks like Apple has shifted the earpiece up to the bezel to achieve the smaller notch by scrunching everything together.

A few alleged leaks of the iPhone 12’s overall design, shows that the notch was not yet narrowed down and Prosser’s schematic didn’t match from that previous report. So, it is expected that the iPhone 12 is going to adopt a flattened frame akin to the iPhone 5’s chassis.

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Reports have been fluctuating between the iPhone 12 seeing a launch delays from its expected release in September (due to COVID-19) to launching right on schedule according to a report last month.

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