Microsoft Editor: A Good Alternative to Grammarly?

Microsoft Editor
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Microsoft Editor is going to be out there in the market soon. For you who do not know, Microsoft Editor is a digital writing assistant very much like Grammarly. The Editor has over 20+ languages to support and provide users some help to refine their content. It is free of cost for use across Word,, and the web. All you need is a Microsoft sign-in.

More About the Microsoft Editor

Some good features that it provides are Similarity Checker and Rewrite Suggestions. There is a ton of material available online on the web and thus it becomes time-consuming to do the citations, that is why the Editor identifies potentially unoriginal content and makes it easy for users to add proper citations.


The Rewrite suggestions is another great feature that can help writers to be more creative in terms of their writing creativity and optimizations.

How Well Does the Microsoft Editor Compares to Grammarly?

Their Working

Both the Editor and Grammarly are made to improve your writing and are like a digital proofreader. They are designed in a way to pick up spelling and grammar errors. Microsoft says that the Editor is AI-backed and is more sophisticated.


Grammarly has a huge availability range, it is available as an extension on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. You can also download it for various apps for Windows and Mac. It is available as a keyboard for Android and iPhones. Available as a plug-in for Microsoft Word too.

On the other hand, Editor comes with Microsoft 365 as a tool to improve your writing in Word and Outlook. It is also offered as an extension for Chrome and Edge.


Grammarly has quick explanations for any error that you make. In this way, it will also help you to grow and mature as a writer and its totally up to you to take the advice as it is not always accurate.

The Editor offers basic corrections of grammar and spelling. It also suggests you how to improve your writing and shorten the lengthy sentences.

Cost Factor

Both Grammarly and Editor offer free services and premium ones too. So when it comes to the paid versions, the Editor is more on the good side.

So premium Grammarly services are for $29.95 a month and $ 140 a year. However, the company offers discounts every now and then. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 gives you full Microsoft Office suite and 1 TB of Cloud Storage along with the Editor. It costs $9.99 a month and $99.99 a year.



You see Microsoft Editor is very new in the field so of course, it will grow over time but as of now, Grammarly has more features and some special ones like the one that detects the tone of the text that you have written. Grammarly is more widely available and Editor is restricted to a few platforms.

There is plagiarism checking feature on Grammarly and Microsoft is planning to launch something similar for its web users in the future.

Microsoft Editor is more cost-effective and combined with its proofreading service with Office suite and cloud storage just make it even better. It might be not as good in terms of features as of now but we can definitely expect some improvements over time.

Grammarly is more essential for serious writers who are in this profession of writing and want to grow over time. It comes with a little higher cost.


You should try out both the services for free and then select one that suits so the most.

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