NZXT Kraken X53 RGB 240mm
May 17, 2024

Best 240mm AIO Coolers: Our Top 9 Picks

In this guide, you will find the 9 best 240mm AIO coolers of 2024. This specially curated list contains everything from a hardcore overclocker to a casual…
Apr 30, 2024

3 Best PCIe 5.0 Power Supply to Power Up Your Gaming PC

The world of PC hardware is constantly changing, and new products are taking over the old ones. One such case is with the graphic cards. Now, the…
ASRock X670E Steel Legend
Apr 22, 2024

6 Best AM5 Motherboards for Excellent Ryzen Performance

Building a custom gaming rig with the all-new AMD Ryzen 7000 processor would have suddenly changed a lot of definitions for you owing to the newer AM5…
Apr 20, 2024

10 Best 120mm PC Case Fans (RGB & Non-RGB)

Every component matters in the construction of a high-performance gaming or workstation PC. It is hard to overstate good cooling systems' importance, especially when the CPU, GPU,…
Lian Li AIO Cooler
Apr 17, 2024

Best 360mm AIO Coolers: Our Top 5 Picks

People with high-performance CPUs would relate to how important it is to keep the CPU cool under heavy load. Not only is it essential to get the…
Apr 15, 2024

What are the Most Common Motherboard Form Factors?

The motherboard precisely plays the role of the backbone of your computer, being a coordinator among multiple components.  Appreciating the specifics of motherboard form factors plays a…
Apr 10, 2024

What Does Motherboard Orange Light Mean?

A perfect working motherboard with all the fans rotating and the RBG lights working in symphony is the dream of every PC builder. But what happens when that…
PC Fans
Apr 6, 2024

How Many Fans Should a PC Have?

Buying or building a custom PC is exciting for any PC enthusiast. It is something every PC owner looks forward to. However, there is a lot of…
What is the difference between PCIe Gen 3 and PCIe Gen 4
Apr 2, 2024

What are the Differences Between PCIe Gen 3 and PCIe Gen 4? Which is Better for You?

The system's performance is highly related to whether the data is transferred fast enough within the computer hardware in the continuously changing environment. Peripheral Component Interconnect Express or…
DeepCool AK620 Digital CPU Air Cooler
Mar 28, 2024

CPU Cooler for Intel Core i7-13700K: Our Top 7 Picks

How about shooting your opponents continuously, but suddenly, the actions start lagging? You have a DDR5 RAM working at 5,600MHz and a dedicated GPU, yet that's surprising.…
Mar 21, 2024

Best PSU for RTX 4090: Our Top 4 Picks

In one of our previous guides, we covered the best PC cases for RTX 4090, and now, expanding on the same, we will be looking at the…
Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL
Mar 10, 2024

Best PC Cases for RTX 4090: Our Top 4 Picks

If you are building a gaming PC with RTX 4090 in mind and need some good PC case, we have got you covered, here are the best…
be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13 1300W
Mar 3, 2024

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13 1300W: A Leviathan of Power and Silence [Review]

Whеn еvaluating thе bе quiеt! Dark Power Pro 13 1300W, thе pricе-to-pеrformancе ratio is a critical factor for potential buyеrs. This PSU stands out with its high…
ASUS Prime Z790-A ATX Motherboard
Jan 18, 2024

Best Motherboard for Intel i9-14900K that Ensure High Performance

Finding a compatible, high-end support motherboard for Intel i9-14900K is daunting. It should have various compatibility factors and features to support the overall build performance.
Intel i9-14900K vs Ryzen 9 7900X3D
Dec 31, 2023

Intel Core i9-14900K vs. Ryzen 9 7900X3D: Which is Better?

Choosing a high-pеrformancе CPU can be a difficult task, with tеchnical spеcifications and bеnchmark diffеrеncеs crеating a battlеground of options. Wе pit thе Intеl i9-14900K against thе…
Dark Rock Elite
Dec 25, 2023

Best Cooler for Intel i9-14900K: Our Top 6 Picks

I hope this article finds you in good health because as cool as having the 14900K sounds, it’s something opposite. Since Intel’s 14th Gen lineup was dropped,…

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