Know what’s different in the new iPad Pro 2020:

Apple has announced new iPad Pro models in a press release. We are going to compare the 2018 iPad Pro with the 2020 iPad Pro to see what changes have been made. This has been the longest span for any update between iPad Pro models. Usually, the updates in the specs happen within or in a year, but this time Apple took 1.5 years to update the iPad Pro 2018.

iPad pro 2020

So, from the outside, both the iPad’s are identical. The frontal is the same; the liquid retina display is also the same. If you are going to buy it for the display, then you can pick any one of them. The only physical difference you will notice is the camera on the outside. The new camera is square and has round corners, similar to the one we see in iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro max.

iPad Pro camera details
iPad Pro’s new camera includes 10MP ultra-wide + 12MP wide camera sensor

The new iPad Pro features a 10MP ultra-wide camera sensor as well as a lidar sensor on the back of the device — lidar sensors can be useful for augmented reality apps, for instance. There’s a standard 12MP camera sensor as well. The microphones have been improved, and Apple promises “studio-quality” sound.

Apple claims that the new iPad Pro has 5 ‘Studio Quality’ microphones to enhance the quality of the sound recording. The latest version includes A12Z Bionic Chip with M12 coprocessor.

The battery in the new iPad has been decreased to 28.65 watt-hour batteries from 29.37 watt-hour batteries in the 11″ model and has remained the same 36.71-watt-hour batteries in the 12.9″ model. But the battery life still stays upto 10 hours.

The new iPad Pro(2020) is here! 1

Wi-Fi and LTE should be slightly faster, like on the iPhone 11 Pro. On the display front, the iPad Pro supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz and True Tone like previous models, as well as a wide range of colors thanks to P3 support.

Apple also says that the thermal architecture has been improved, which should let you run demanding apps at peak performance for a longer time.

The accessories along with the iPad Pro are amazing that include: Magic Keyboard, Smart Keyboard Folio and Smart Keyboard. Apple Pencil 2nd Generation is compatible with the iPad Pro(2020).

You can find a brief comparison between the 2018 and 2020 version here:

source: iOS Hacker

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