Xiaomi Showcases Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept; M-series Leica Camera Featured

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept
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In July this year, Xiaomi launched its Ultra Premium flagship smartphone, i.e., The Xiaomi 12S Ultra, with its 1” inch camera sensor capabilities, narrowed the gap between a smartphone camera & the DSLR.


Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept Phone

Fast forward to November, Xiaomi showcased a Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept, which mounts an M Series Leica camera on the back of the 12S Ultra Concept smartphone. The company shared the video of it on its official Weibo channel.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept Weibo

According to the Video, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept uses two 1” inch sensors co-developed by Leica. The second  1” inch sensor uses a sapphire glass covering rather than the lens itself; this, in turn, allows it to attach an M series Leica lens. 

Xiaomi 12s Ultra Concept

Various kinds of Leica M lens attachments and an advanced camera application support focus peaking, histograms, zebra lines, and other photographic tools.

The second sensor is attached in the center of the image view, which sends light directly to the other sensor, which is said to reduce light loss and capture sharp images! Although this needs an adaptor which makes the device bulky.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept

However, as this uses the same 1” inch sensor as the Regular Xiaomi 12S Ultra, this concept device can capture photos and videos like a normal smartphone as it also has the computational skills present in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 + Gen 1

With that being said, this is not like those add-on lenses on top of a smartphone or the lens type that sony had. This is different from Xiaomi and Leica.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi has not given any other information about this Xiaomi 12S Ultra. It shares the same characteristics as the vanilla 12S Ultra, though this device has some refinement and is studier around the lens for attachment!

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