5 Methods to Download Movies for Free

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Watching the climax of a movie and coming across ads turns out to be quite annoying. You often wait for the next scene, but your network is slow, leading to buffering. In either of these situations, you cannot enjoy the movies as you intended to.


Hence, you think of downloading the film as a rescue. However, if your monthly expenses are already high and you don’t want to pay for yet another subscription, then you try to get them for free. We have covered you all if you are searching for how to download movies for free! 

5 Methods to Download Movies for Free

Downloading movies without spending a dime is a fantastic idea. However, you would be on a quest to find out how to do so!  Five effective methods will let you download movies for free.

The other incredible part is that these also allow you to access TV shows and movies. Here are the five methods which will help you out!

Method 1: Free Movie Download Sites

Several websites let you download movies for free. Here we have provided you with only legal free movie download websites. Further, we have picked the ones that serve films worth your time. 

All you have to do is, visit the website, search or browse for a movie and click the download button. After the download completes, you will then find it on your device. 

Let’s check out the best movie download websites: 

  1. Sony Crackle 

Sony earns Crackle. Surprisingly this site from one of the leading networks lets you download movies for free. The most incredible part is that it provides relevant content and does not support piracy.

Sony Crackle - Download Movies for Free

It gives you premium quality content, including that of Warner Bros and such networks. However, it does not contain the latest OTT content like that of Netflix, Hulu, or PrimeVideo.


You can download or binge-watch without signing up, as it is essential. But if you want to use features like Add to Wishlist or Parental Controls, you need to sign up. However, the service is available only in the States and surrounding regions. Though it is free, it would have to bear some ads.

Check out Sony Crackle here

  1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another legal platform that lets you download movies or TV shows for free. You can even stream movies apart from downloading them and watching live TV and TV shows.

Pluto TV - Download Movies for Free

It contains data from almost 250 channels. Though it is a free streaming service, it provides legal content and has a copyright to distribute it. Again this service is available in a limited number of countries.


Check out Pluto TV here

  1. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a media storehouse including movies, short videos, evergreen classics, documentaries, and much more. It will not be surprising if you come across popular TV commercials or evergreen video game videos as a source of entertainment.

Internet Archive Movies - Download Movies for Free
Internet Archive Movies

Unlike most other sites in this category, it provides legal content. Creators worldwide upload such content on it. The site assumes that the distributor has the right to share it.

It does suffer a drawback. You would need help finding the latest or recent movies on it. Mostly, contributors share an evergreen collection.


If you love movies of the previous decade or are even older, then The Internet Archive is one of the best platforms. It contains a huge database of such old movies.

Check out Internet Archive now

Method 2: Free Movie Download Apps

It would sound absurd, but the cool part is that you will find several apps that let you download movies for free. However, they might require you to sign up, but that won’t cost you a penny.

We have covered the legal apps; however, one of them is a movie download Search engine that may or may not serve pirated content. 


Below mentioned is a list of the same:

  1. Vudu

Vudu is a popular app for movies. It’s best known as a service that lets users decide whether to pay for a film. You can download movies for free, all of which would be legal.

VUDU - Download Movies for Free

However, in return, Vudu does expect you to watch certain commercials. If you want to avoid it, you must rent or buy it. It is free to download and use.

Further, it’s not even compulsory for you to sign up for it. The most remarkable part is that the platform has a library of 1 lac+ films and shows.


Whether it be 4k, UHD, Dolby HDR, or Dolby Atmos, the app lets you stream movies in such a quality. 

Check out Vudu here 

  1. Cinema HD

Cinema HD is a bit different from other movie download apps. Here, you will get relevant links to the movies you search for. You can use Google to find movie download links.

The best part is that the service has decided not to provide illicit links to users. Whether it be horror, love story, drama, action, or similar, you will find another under the site.

CinemaHD - Download Movies for Free
  1. MX Player

Regarding free, legal, and quality content, MX Player stands out as one of the best apps. So if you want to download a movie, the platform hosts the best movies with a massive database.

It’s the best for Asian content. The app has it all if you want a lot of Korean films or shows, Turkish Drama, or Bollywood movies, especially multilingual ones.

So, action, thrill, drama, love story, horror, or mystery, MX Player does not fail to disappoint you. It might not have the one from PrimeVideo or Netflix, yet it serves the best content.

MX Player - Download Movies for Free

You can browse movies conveniently with a friendly interface and the choice to swap between dark and light themes. It lets you download content for free.


What sets it apart from others is that you can also listen to the radio with it. The service initially began as a Media player that allowed users to play content from their devices. Hence, now too, it provides it. 

Check out the app now

Method 3: Download Free Movies on Telegram

Telegram, though known as a chatting app that makes sharing larger-sized files easy, is mainly used for downloading pirated content. So if you are looking for free movies, then Telegram further helps.

You can access it on your PC or smartphone. Moreover, you can also find TV shows, web series, books, ed-tech videos, and similar ones on it. 


Follow the steps given below to download movies on Telegram:

  • Open the Telegram app on your smartphone or access it on your PC
  • Tap on the Search icon on the right side of your screen
Telegram Method
For legal reasons, we are hiding the names.
  • Enter the name of a movie and search for it
  • Tap on any of the search results displayed and look for the movie download button
Telegram Method
For legal reasons, we are hiding the names.

You might often be prompted to check out any channel via a link to download movies. This is because links expire soon due to Security reasons. When you find the movie, tap on the Download button to proceed.

Alternatively, you will usually get a link to the same movie in different quality, like 1080p, 720p or lower. Depending upon your preferred quality, click on the respective download button. Wait for the download to complete. 

It might often happen that you would think to watch it later. Whether or not you have any such plan, you should save it to the gallery. Tap on the downloaded file and click on the three-dotted icon.


Further, select Save to Gallery from the drop-down menu. Due to copyright infringement issues, links are revoked frequently and expire too soon.

You often download files but need to save them to the device. If the creator deletes the link or it gets removed so you will not find it in Telegram downloads. Hence, you should save it to your device after each download.

Method 4: Download Free Movies from Torrent Sites 

Torrent sites contain links and Metadata of the files stored on the internet. Torrents were developed to share files by uploading them on the web.

Such sites have always been an evergreen way to download stuff like movies, shows, books, software, games, videos, and lots more. While some may think of them as illegal, it is not always like that. It depends on the torrent site you choose.  


Torrents are reliable as they are entirely free. Several may be illegal if it’s pirated and your country does not support piracy. One of the most widely working torrents currently is The Pirate Bay. The movies here may or not be pirated.

The Pirate Bay

Further, if you do not want to proceed illicitly, you can use Public Domain Torrents. 

We suggest you use a VPN along to secure your download experience. Also, you will have to temporarily disable your antivirus before downloading movies via torrent websites. 

The Pirate Bay Official Site: https://thepiratebay.org/

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Public Domain Torrents: https://www.publicdomaintorrents.info/

Here’s how you can download free movies via torrent sites:

  • Open a Web Browser and search for a working torrent or visit a torrent site via the URL
  • Enter the movie’s name that you want to download into the torrent search bar

To be more precise, you can type related words like the movie’s year of release, language, or similar. Thus, you can help torrent sites fetch accurate results.

  • Press the Enter key or press the Search button to proceed

The torrent will retrieve search results containing links to the movies. Check out the reviews and size of the torrent. Moreover, we recommend you download the film in 1080p or 720p. This is because torrents lower than this would render a poor watching experience. You can also change your download location. 

  • Click the Download button or OK or Add.

Wait for the download to start and complete. Further, it will be saved on your system. Access the downloads folder to view torrents. We recommend you scan the downloaded movie for viruses and malware.


It is noteworthy that Torrents would contain ads, and most of them contain specific adult content or even violent or abusive content. You can check out torrent sites on your computer, smartphone, and similar devices.

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Method 5: Download Free Movies using the Index of Method 

Index of the method is a highly underrated way to download movies or any files you want to download for free. Users often have videos of specific files, including film, media, books, and similar. They usually upload such files to share, and this sharing is known as indexing. 

Follow the steps given below to download free movies using the index of method:

  • Open Google, Bing, or any other search engine you have
  • In the search box, enter the Index of Movie_Name

You can write the Index and the movie’s name you want to search for here.

IndexOf Method
IndexOf Method

E.g., if you are looking for Conjuring, then you have to write 

Index of Conjuring 
  • A list of search results will appear; open any, and you can download it from the links displayed. 

Finding the most accurate results while using the Index takes time and effort. 

Here are some tips you can follow

Instead of writing the Index of Conjuring, you should write an index of Conjuring movies. This will suggest to the search engine that you are looking for a Conjuring which is a movie.

Summing Up

If you were looking for how to download movies for free, then you would have gotten your answer. There are five effective and reliable methods meant for the purpose. You can go for free movie download websites or apps.

Further, ways that may or not be legal include downloading it from Telegram, using Torrent sites, or going by the Index of the method. While browsing Telegram or Torrent sites, you might come across adult content too.

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