Apple is Developing Over-the-Ear Headphones with Modular Parts

Apple is developing over-the-ear headphones
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Mark Gurman and Debby Wu from Bloomberg have compiled a new report that deals with Apple’s plans for new products. The report has an interesting revelation: Apple is developing over-the-ear headphones and the new headphones are more likely to come out this year.


Apple is Developing Over-the-Ear Headphones: Complete Story

So, some of the Bloomberg sources suggest that Apple is developing over-the-ear headphones. The plan is two have two variants of the headphones, one will be more on the fitness-friendly side. Meaning, it will have more breathable materials and perforations, very much like the materials of watchband and accessories.

The other variant will be more on the luxurious side, with more premium feels. Meaning that it would have a premium feel and use, “leather-like fabrics”.

Another interesting thing to notice in the report is that Apple is planning to make these over-the-ear headphones quite modular. This suggests, that the headband padding and earpads on the headphones will be attached with a magnet and thus, will be replaceable.

As described in the report, Both headphones have a “retro” look and “with oval-shaped ear cups that swivel and a headband connected by thin, metal arms.” The report further adds that the arms “stem from the top of the ear cups rather than the sides.”

The headphones will offer noise cancellation and is rumored to be priced for $350. Apple already sells top quality headphones under its Beats brand. The report says that these headphones won’t sell with Beats branding but it’s not very clear at the moment.


Apple’s wearables are one of the most favorite and best sellers from Apple. So Apple plans to expand it. This new concept of changeable parts of headphones is really cool as the earpads actually get worn out quickly and for premium headphones, it is good that they can be replaced. Also, this will allow users to customize their headphones according to their choice. It will be interesting to see once they are finally in the market.  

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