Ruth James

Ruth James

Ruth is a business editor who writes about various topics such as technology, health and finance. He works along with the colourful folks that build a nation through tech startups. He is also a professional football player and video games enthusiast.
Jul 6, 2020

How To Create The Best Clips At An Affordable Cost?

YouTube videos are very trending in the contemporary world. It acts as a stage where people come to show their various talents. They create the content of…
Jun 25, 2020

Your Guide To Understanding The Different Aspect Ratios Used On Social Media And Film

The aspect ratio is a simple ratio between the height and width of the screen. It is one thing that is different on every screen, and therefore,…
Aug 7, 2019

What Is Interior Designing And How To Pursue It?

Interior designing is decoration or enchantment of the interior of a building and to change it to be more aesthetically pleasing, for people using that space. It…
Jul 9, 2019

5 Tips for LinkedIn Outreaching & Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a platform for everyone from seller to buyers to the businessman; in fact, every person of our society. You can use LinkedIn for your benefit…
best tax apps 2019
Mar 2, 2019

Best Tax Apps Of 2019 (Updated)

There are so many tasks which annoy you while in your busy life in case of tax season. You need a break with it Righ!. Of course…

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