What Is Interior Designing And How To Pursue It?

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Interior designing is decoration or enchantment of the interior of a building and to change it to be more aesthetically pleasing, for people using that space. It involves science and art. It is a subject that needs to be studied. Many Organizations, restaurants, other stores, and houses use different kinds of interior designing to enhance their area; the quality of the inside of the building attracts new people and is pleasing to everyone. An interior designer is someone who does space planning, programming, communication to clients, site inspection and planning, construction of necessary items inside, theoretical and practical development of the space given to them and finally execution.


Courses To Pursue Interior Designing 

There are many different courses for you to pursue interior designers. You can either opt for a post graduate degree or a diploma in interior designing. The post graduate degree is after you've completed 12th. The diploma degree is also after completing the 10+2 or any equivalent education level done by a recognized board or an institution. Admission to colleges that offer this course is based on merit, although some colleges additionally have an entrance exam that will rank the students according to their skills and capacities. When you are choosing the college to join for the course, it’s necessary to look at the syllabus provided, the environment and the recruitments. Some colleges provide top recruitments that include.

Event management companies, construction firms, Theater, film and TV industry etc, therefore you are placed in a good position directly after completing your university course.  The general syllabus of interior designing includes, computer aided graphic design, Design skill, construction and design, Art and graphics etc.  If you have a creative and analytical mindset, and you're looking for a design skill-based job, you should pick interior designing. You can also get into to higher studies in this field, further you can also shift to other aspects in the field of design, although it's not recommended, but possible. 

Things You Need To Know To Become An Interior Designer 

Do you have a passion for decorating rooms and other areas, and want to pursue and take up interior designing? Before you make that choice, there are few things you need to know about interior designing. 

  1. Firstly, there is a significant difference between being a designer and a decorator, what does this mean? Anybody can be an interior decorator, getting new curtains, matching the colors with fabrics and textiles, getting more aesthetic look, etc, you can become an interior decorator just by printing your name in cards and promotions yourself, but and interior designers have specific educational requirements that are needed for them to hold that position, that means, they extensively study the areas which deal with designing. So, therefore, an interior designer is more knowledgeable and has to hold a degree in that subject.
  2. Interior designing is not just playing with colors, fabric, and fun, although colors, material, etc. although, all of these do play an essential part in your interior design, they are not the end. There is so much more that goes into for being an interior designer You need to be educated in the history of designing, and you need to learn how to manage, execution, the structural integrity of a building, building codes, computer drawing as well, which is most important and is relevant to all the design areas. A broad range of skill is necessary for an interior to not only work with homeowners but also with carpenters, government, business agencies, etc
  3.  You must have a passion and a skill for design. You need to love the work you do, and interior designing is not just about decorating the space, there is so much more that goes into being a designer that means you need to have a fair idea of everything that an interior designer does to pursue your passion of becoming one. You need to understand different areas of design and architecture and be familiar with the vocabulary and structures that help you build a functional interior for buildings.
  4. Salary isn’t as high. When you start as an interior designer, you should remember that every field will pay you little money and not a lot, you need to improvise and learn and contribute to a business for your growth and promotion. You need to have excellent skills to expand your business and making sure that people are attracted to your work field to gain more money. 
  5. Interior designing is all about managing your clients; all the designers have one or the other horror stories of past clients. People are very choosy and picky when it comes to their homes, they are not introduced to new designs and technology, sometimes they refuse to agree with other details of the interior, therefore there the skill becomes to negotiate with their clients, making sure that they like your project and final set up. They shouldn't be discouraged with your work; successful interior designers are pleasers.
  6. Lastly you need to develop a portfolio. A portfolio is extremely important, as it showcases your design and your projects. Your success as an interior designer depends upon your portfolio, as you get clients and other projects based in your portfolio showcasing your work.


How To Start A Business Of Interior Designing 

You can specialize and work for big/ large firm, or also open your own interior designing business. As there are so many career options and the field of designing is increasing.


You can do either of the two things, that is firstly to join a firm that deals with interior designing, as there are many organizations that recruit fresh interior designer that have graduated, second is to open your organization, but there are various things that need to be taken into consideration when opening your own business, as it is harder to make it big when there is a lot of competition. Having more knowledge in these areas and researching will surely help in opening your own business. There is a lot of scope of interior designing in the world today, and many people are interested in making designing field their career. Many also get into architecture and other design fields



Interior designing is an amazing and a fantastic field that explores the field of design. It is fun as well as gets you in a good position when you choose to pursue it as a career. 

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