What Are the Benefits of Using a Signature Generator?

Digital Signature
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Around 4 trillion – yes, trillion – paper documents in the U.S.A. are signed yearly. This astronomical figure is currently growing at around 22% per year, demonstrating the extent to which documents and the signing of documents have become embedded in business culture.


Whether it be to sign a petition or to formalize a document, signing a document has become something that people in a business run into every single day. 

With the huge amount of documents that need to be signed, it’s no wonder that there has been a mass movement toward electronic documents in recent years. These electronic documents are signed online, with an e-signature allowing people to formulate a replica of their actual signature and then simply paste it onto a document.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using a signature generator, how e-signatures are created, their security precautions, and why they’re so effective. 

Digital Signature
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What is a signature generator?

A signature generator is an online platform that can convert your physical signature directly into an e-signature. Typically, you can do this two different ways, the first being simply writing your signature with your mouse or trackpad on one of these platforms.

From there, you can download the signature in a range of colors. For the sake of tradition, we’d recommend that you keep your signature in black ink.

Alternatively, some signature generators allow you to scan a paper document to their website. The signature generator will locate your signature and directly copy it into an electronic format.

From either one of these options, you’ll then have a fully electronic copy of your physical signature, which you can download to your computer and insert into any documents that need signing.

Alongside documents, you can add your signature directly to an email signature if you want to include that within your emails.


What are the benefits of signature generators?

Email signature generators are tools of convenience. Considering the huge number of documents you may need to sign in any given year, doing so completely through electronic means ensures that you don’t have to waste time continually writing your signature.

Alongside saving time, there is a range of benefits to signature generators:

  • Fast – Signature generators are instant, allowing you to create your own e-signature in a few minutes.
  • Flexible – Signature generators give you a range of different options when it comes to creating your e-signature. From choosing the size of your signature to the type of tracing and even which colors you want to use, you have complete control over how the final signature will turn out.
  • Personal – Signature generators don’t just create a random signature for you. Instead, you can craft your own signature, using their resources and tools to copy your real physical signature. With this, signature generators allow your e-signature to be completely personal to you, directly copying the signature you’ve been using for many years.

Signature generators are now vital for online business, with the mass movement to e-documents meaning that having your own signature digitized will enable you to keep up to date with the most modern forms of signing documents. With a signature generator, the process is simplified, allowing you to get started with your own e-signature in seconds.

Are e-signatures secure?

Physical signatures, also known as ‘wet signatures’, are incredibly easy to copy. If anyone gains access to one of your documents, they can simply trace your signature with some tracing paper to lift it off the document.


From there, they could use it in various ways, with this stolen signature being a gateway to many fraudulent crimes.

While people assume digital signatures would suffer from the same conditions, this is not the case. E-signatures are incredibly secure, using various tools that keep a person’s signature as safe as possible.

For example, whenever someone uses an e-signature on an official document, the most commonly require a secondary verification form to ensure that the user is who they say they are.

This is done through a one-time passcode sent to the user’s email or phone or, in some cases, the need to provide a legal form of identification like a driver’s license.


Alongside these precautions, any documents signed online are subjected to a tamper-evident seal. This is where a document is electronically sealed, with anyone that opens the document then needing a set of computer-generated password keys to access it.

These keys are divided up by the people that signed the document, with both public and private keys providing several layers of security.

With these safety precautions in place, among other tools, electronic signatures have become much more secure than physical signatures. Knowing this, you’ll be able to sign online documents with your pre-generated signature without worrying about your online security.

What are the benefits of e-signatures?

Now that signature generators have become so popular, and almost everyone now has their very own generated signature. Typically, these are used to sign online documents, helping contracts progress even if the parties cannot physically get into the same room to sign a document.


E-signatures and online documents have become so popular for the following reasons:

  • Facilitates Remote Work – After the pandemic, many companies have had experiences with remote working, with employees using tech tools to get their work done from home. Currently, companies around the globe are offering hybrid working, which means that employees can choose to work from the office or home. About 70% of all U.S. citizens have worked from home, with this increasingly online workforce needing online tools to help bridge the gap. Thanks to e-signatures, online documents allow people to sign documents from home, making contract signing something that can be done remotely.
  • Instant – Signing an online document is as easy as pasting your generated signature into the document and moving it wherever it needs to go. This instant form of signing documents makes this system incredibly convenient. 
  • Accessible – No matter where you are, to sign an online document, you must open your phone, laptop, computer, or other device connected to the internet. Complete accessibility means that people can sign documents on the go, dramatically speeding up the process.
  • Traceable – Whenever changes are made to a document, these are recorded. With that in mind, online documents with e-signatures are much more traceable than physical documents, with this form of document signing being much more secure.

With the ease of online document signing, E-signatures are here to stay, making this a business practice that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Final Thoughts

With how effective and efficient online documents have become, e-signatures are a core part of a business that facilitates the new normal. With this change, signature generators have become vital, with their instantaneous creation of digital replicas of physical signatures, making them the perfect tool for this job.

From filling in documents to including them in an email signature, signature generators and the e-signatures they produce are now vital to modern business. And, with the demand for e-signatures growing by 39% each year, we’re likely only just seeing the beginning of the applications of these useful online tools. 

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