All racing and arcade games are fun to play, as they focus more on the entertainment aspect rather than the real mechanics of the vehicles, laws of physics, or other parameters and factors that we face in real-life car handling.


On the other hand, the driving simulators take the experience one step closer to reality as they try their best to imitate the situations and conditions from real-life closest to possibility.

So if you really want to get a feel of what it is like to get to sit on the wheel and zoom past others or learn the basics of driving by sitting in your room, without taking a step out or actually having a car, you are in the right place.

Here we have the list of best driving simulators for Windows PC, which you can check out now. These include racing, off-road, classic, and sports modes. Without making any delays, let’s explore the list together.

Driving Simulators

Best Driving Simulators for Windows PC


Forza Motorsports 7

Driving Simulators for Windows

The number one simulation on the list here is Forza Motorsports 7. It is here for a number of reasons. The best part is its ease of use.

You will be comfortable in the gameplay sooner than you imagine. As is the issue with fresh gamers, it will not knock you out for minor mistakes.

Yet, don’t take it as a game made for children. It will subvert your thinking as a race tougher than the average sprint you make in your vehicle.

The racing details, the ins, and outs of cars demand some time and patience from you, especially if you are more interested in high-speed ones.

The platform offers over whooping seven hundred cars, ranging from simple vans, trailers, trucks, to classic and sports cars. With multiple locations and tracks, it is an immersive game that you can enjoy in multiplayer mode as well.

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Driving Simulators for Windows

Want a sim that is as much fun as learning? gives you this opportunity from the start to the end. With the graphics that give you a real-life feel, with the vehicles similar to that you see on the roads, it is still a game that will give some tough time while learning.

The focus of the game is not on taking you out on a road to pit you against others. Rather, here the priority is given to the damage perspective. This aspect puts this driving simulator in a unique field of experience for the user.

Want to know what it feels like when you don’t slow down your car while crossing a bump? Rush past one at high speed in and taste the experience.

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Richard Burns Rally

Driving Simulators for Windows

Richard Burns Rally has a place of its own in the rally simulations. This game is used to determine what a new entrant in the market is like. With ultra-realistic races, difficulty levels that make you sweat, and many more.

You cannot afford to take your eyes off the driving because it will certainly cost you your race.

The fame of the game is such that after more than one and half decades of its release, the fans have kept it alive and flourishing with the release of MODs. These included improvement in car build, tire suspension, to track enhancements.

Among the list of all the dirt racing genres, Richard Burns is on topmost of the time.

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Spintires: MudRunner

Image of driving simulators

For the ultimate off-road driving experience here is the best way you can go closer to reality. Spintires: MudRunner gives you the feel of what it is like to drive an off-road vehicle in a muddy zone.

You will find yourself in a vast muddy location, where the only way to come out fine is to show the best of your driving skills. Are you ready for that? If the answer is yes, it is time to check Spintires out.

There are uneven roads, hills of mud, difficult tracks, deep gorges, deformed terrains, hanging rocks, and steep hills to test your abilities.

To experience all this terrain, you can pick from a large collection of vehicles from big trucks to SUVs. MudRunner will test your patience and ability to keep your senses unclogged along with your driving skills.

Once in the mud, if not sensible enough, you will go only deeper and deeper.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2

Driving Simulators for Windows

Racing games are fast-paced, that tend to keep you at the moment, asking you to take immediate decisions which can change the result of the game in a fraction of seconds. Among these driving simulators, this one is a new leaf.

Switch the gear from fast track to slow crossing of the terrain with Euro Truck Simulator 2. In terms of difficulty, it is on a different level too. The gameplay is slow-paced, and not much demanding. If you want to test your patience with speed, here is your choice.

Though it is slow to go, the variety of trucks is more than enough to pique your interest. Haul cargo across Europe, starting from the United Kingdom to Scandinavia in the north or go east and enjoy some fresh and temperate environment.

It is not just sitting in a truck and moving on the road. Here you will have to follow traffic rules no matter where you go.

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This is not the full and final list of driving simulators that you must have. Here you can get a variety in terms of car options, difficulty level, and various other aspects. What other games would you like to include in the list? Comment below, we would like to know.

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