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How about watching your favorite food recipe on YouTube? Or some DIY videos to make the best stuff? Then comes some annoying ads that disturb you in between them! To get rid of it, YouTube Vanced has always been the best choice for users.


This is because the app has always let you watch YouTube videos. However, since Google had sent this mod app’s developers a cease and desist letter, YouTube Vanced has taken a significant step. 

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

The popular third-party mod app developers will shut off the app development and remove all its download links. Throughout the years, YouTube Vanced has always kept Android users engaged with ad-free content by playing background audio and giving them access to Premium features. If you have been using the app and can’t use it now, we have listed several YouTube Vanced alternatives! 

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

We have handpicked some effective YouTube Vanced Alternatives and specified everyone’s features. So let’s have a look!

YouTube Premium

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

The name might sound irrelevant here. Most of you might have opted for YouTube Vanced as YouTube Premium Subscription was unavailable in many countries. However, now the Premium plans have expanded to several more countries. 

So, if you don’t mind being pricey, it’s the time to get a YouTube Premium subscription plan instead of Vanced on your Android. You watch ad-free content, enjoy background playback, and can even download content offline. The coolest part for music lovers kicks in. You will even get a free YouTube Music Premium Subscription.

So, support creators with full zeal and think of its subscription plan. It’s an official way, so you need not worry about legal issues. However, it comes with another drawback.

YouTube Premium will not give you access to some Vanced functions, including swipe controls for brightness and volume, and even you can not use SponsorBlock. Also, you will have to sign-up here using your Google Account.


Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

NewPipe is currently one of the most incredible YouTube Vanced alternatives out there. The best part is that NewPipe is free of cost to use. It’s an open-source app for streaming YouTube videos. Besides, it does not use the YouTube API or the Google Framework libraries. It means that you do not need Google Mobile Services (GMS). 


So, if you are a Huawei user, you can use the app without having a Google Account. Furthermore, you can use NewPipe without Google Mobile Services (GMS), which means it will even work on Huawei devices, and even use the app without a Google account.

The app gives you an ad-free streaming experience, and you can download them. Besides, these downloads will not be confined to the app, but they will also be saved on your device. You can even access your subscribed YouTube channels to continue from where you left. 

The noteworthy point is that you cannot use a Google Account to sign in on NewPipe. It’s because of privacy concerns. 

Other than an ad-free experience, you can even enjoy a modern GUI. However, the drawback is that you cannot sign in with your Google Account, and it won’t let you comment on any video. Furthermore, you cannot even sync your old watch history.



Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

SkyTube is a must-check YouTube Vanced alternative on the list. The app is also a free and open-source YouTube client for streaming videos developed for Android users. However, you can also not sign in with your Google account. Therefore, it won’t sync your watch history. 

But you do not have to search for your favorite artists and creators as it lets you import your subscriptions. 

SkyTube also has another variant called SkyTube Extra. Let’s dig into its details.


Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

The SkyTube Extra is a variant of SkyTube. It’s an open-source YouTube client. Again you cannot sign in with your Google Account using this app. Therefore, you can watch videos without liking or commenting. In addition, it lets you download YouTube videos. 


Go to your Web Browser and launch a new tab. Then go to the SkyTube download webpage, wherein you will get the SkyTube Extra download page. Install it to stream ad-free YouTube content. 

Here also, you can import all your YouTube subscriptions. Therefore, you can access all your account subscriptions. You can even cast the screen to your nearby device using the app.


Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

The LibreTube is as safe as YouTube. The app is based upon Piped processing language. 

Its modern design and user-friendly GUI make it a friendly alternative to YouTube Vanced. You can experience a comprehensive range of animations in its interface.


In addition, it provides advanced and proper controls to adjust the quality of videos and format. Even when you download the videos, you can use such controls.

As the app is in its beta version, you shall experience some bugs and glitches. Even some weird descriptions. Therefore, the app is in testing mode and will improve very soon. It’s a free and open-source YouTube client. So you shall also face some bugs.


Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

If you need a YouTube Vanced alternative for your iOS, the UYouPlus has covered you all. It’s mainly for iOS users. The app is an improved version of uYou. Besides, the coolest part is that here you get access to a rich set of functions like it integrated PiP and SponsorBlock along with VP9 codec. 

Plus, you need not jailbreak your iPhone, thus keeping it in check for security. If you want to download it, then check out AltStore for the same. You can stream YouTube videos without ads. Even if you get bored of sponsored segments, it gives you an option to skip them also.


Unfortunately, installing the app here is a bit lengthy, and you may experience some occasional bugs.

Firefox with uBlock Origin

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

If you are comfortable streaming YouTube videos on the YouTube mobile website, it is the ideal choice for you. 

Firefox with uBlock Origin is an add-on that will block ads for you on YouTube and several other sites. However, this add-on is only for Mozilla Firefox. Similarly, you can use another add-on called YouTube High Definition which will play YouTube videos in HD quality. 

The add-ons keep your browsing private and keep your device safe. The coolest part is that it lets you sign in with your Google account. Further, you can use several add-ons for a rich streaming experience. 


Though it is not a YouTube client, some of you might find it a hassle, but Firefox with uBlock Origin is easy. 

Kiwi Browser

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

If you are someone who uses a Chromium-based web browser to stream YouTube videos, then Kiwi Browser is the ideal choice for you.

Kiwi Browser will stream YouTube videos for you without any advertisements. It lets you install more add-ons like SponsorBlock and uBlock Origin to watch YouTube videos without any sponsored segments. 

You can sign in to Kiwi Browser with your Google Account. Therefore, you can add comments and even sync your playback videos on several devices.


Brave Browser

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

The Brave Browser is a browser that you can use even for Android and iOS and Windows and Mac devices. It blocks ads for you so that you won’t be interrupted while streaming. 

The browser lets you sign in with your Google account into your existing YouTube account. Therefore, you can sync all your playback history. Despite all these, it is not a YouTube Vanced alternative. 

Kiwi Browser is a safe browser and even streams content faster. 

AdGuard AdBlocker

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

As the name suggests, using AdGuard AdBlocker, you can block all the intervening ads on YouTube. The tool is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac Devices. Besides, it also has another variant that’s a Chrome extension. So, you can install it on your browser to block ads from any website. 


The AdGuard AdBlocker is an app that is 100% free to download and use. You can even buy the premium membership to block ads starting at $59.99 for a year and uses over three devices. Therefore, it’s pretty affordable. 

Moreover, it keeps you covered to block any ads on your device. Besides, it is safe to use as it hides your data so that you cannot be tracked. Therefore, you need not worry about phishing and any fraudulent or malicious activity. 

You can sign in with your Google account, and the coolest part is that it blocks ads for you, even on the official YouTube app.


Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

If you want to stream like YouTube Vanced for free, YMusic is a better alternative than NewPipe. However, you access only access music and not videos. 


You can play music on the app or even in the background without ads. You can even download music from the app. What can be more relaxed than this?

Change DNS to Block YouTube Ads

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives

For tech enthusiasts, change your DNS with a Private DNS. One such private DNS is the AdGuard using which you can block YouTube ads. However, you should have an Android phone with an Android 9 Pie or a later one. 

Go to Network and Internet Settings, navigate to Private DNS, and use AdBlock. It will block any ads while you stream YouTube on a mobile browser. 

However, you cannot use it for the YouTube app, and it has no rich set of functionalities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an alternative for YouTube Vanced?

Yes, there are plenty of YouTube Vanced alternatives that you can use to stream YouTube content without any ads. NewPipe, SkyTube, uYouPlus, and LibreTube are some of the most effective alternatives to it. 

Is Vanced YouTube harmful?

If you have downloaded YouTube Vanced from its official website, it’s safe to use. However, the app has been discontinued due to a Google’s cease and desist letter. Therefore, it’s putting down all its download links, and exciting ones will not be helpful. 

What is the best alternative to YouTube?

All the 12 alternatives mentioned above are useful and effective Vanced alternatives. However, to narrow down some, NewPipe and SkyTube are the best for Android free of cost. While uYouPlus is the best for iOS. However, if you can go for a pricey one, you should stick to YouTube Premium.

Is it illegal to use modified YouTube versions?

YouTube modified versions do not comply with YouTube’s Terms of Service. However, all the legal issues depend upon the users. It might happen that when Google gets to know about it, then these would slowly be ineffective. So, it’s better to use add-ons, extensions, or YouTube Premium that’s ideal for you.


Can I trust Vanced MicroG?

The Vanced MicroG is reliable if you have downloaded it from YouTube Vanced’s official website and not from somewhere else. However, as YouTube Vanced has stopped its development and discontinued its services, therefore, the existing download links won’t be effective. Consequently, it would be best to go for some other Vanced alternatives.

Is it OK to delete Vanced manager?

Yes, you can delete the Vanced manager that updates Vanced MicroG sagely. However, as YouTube Vanced has discontinued its services via the developers, it’s irrelevant to have the Vanced Manager on your phone.

The Final Word

With a quick and honest review of the YouTube Vanced alternatives and features, you can find the best suitable alternative for you. However, if possible, you must stick to an official alternative like the YouTube Premium, AdGuard AdBlocker, or the Kiwi Browser. 

If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments section below. Besides, let us know which alternative you find the best amongst all the effective alternatives.

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