Where to Hunt for Combat Engineer Toolkit Key in DMZ?


  • The February upgrade has brought many exciting things to the DMZ.
  • Ashika Island has the Combat Engineer toolbox.
  • To use it, you have first to collect its key, and here’s where I will guide you on how you can do so
Warzone 2
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I enjoy playing Battle Royale. It’s one of the most incredible survival games, and fighting till the end is quite adventurous. That’s what makes me addicted to it.


However, as a gamer, I do enjoy playing lots and lots of games. After hearing much about the Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ, I wanted to explore its specialness. It has a unique concept where the goal is to complete a set of missions again mind-blowing. 

Moving around, the Al Mazrah map, especially at Ashika Island, has something to explore in every aspect. One of the most enjoyable ones seemed to be using the Combat Engineer Toolkit key in DMZ. So, do you want to hear everything from me about it? 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! 

Where to Find Combat Engineer Toolkit Key in Warzone 2 DMZ?

Finding the Combat engineer toolkit key in DMZ is simpler. However, going towards it is challenging as you might be prone to attacks. Besides, it’s noteworthy that you should complete enemy AI targets and Contracts to make your way to the key.

Combat Engineer Toolkit Key in DMZ

Again, when you are playing the game in full zeal, you must also repeatedly check for the loot key. There needs to be a specific location where you would find the key, and you have to keep wandering here and there to find it. It’s hustling to find the crucial, yet completing the DMZ missions is necessary. 

Checking the Combat Engineer Toolkit Key in DMZ

Have you found yourself in a stupid situation where you behaved too negligently? What if you get the key, then go to 5he Toolkit, and when it’s time to use the key, you see it’s not in place? Many players have undergone the situation in the DMZ!

Combat Engineer Toolkit Key in DMZ

There are several checks which you must ensure before the process. This includes checking first that you have the Toolkit Key in inventory. This is because novice players try to use it even when the key is in the stash.

Therefore, head over to the load-outs, spawn near the key stats, and if you find the key, displace it to your inventory which is currently active. Besides, what makes it interesting is that it’s not merely a mission where you have to target and bother. Instead, you must quickly move to Ashika Island to play a battle. 


Where to Find Combat Engineer Toolkit DMZ?

Whether it be a fairytale or a hard-core action game like Call of Duty, locations like the palace always have something out of the box to explore. This applies to COD Warzone 2 DMZ. You will find the Combat Engineer Toolkit DMZ between Tsuki Castle and Organic Farms.

This is because, between these regions, you would find two buildings (commercial or residential uncertain), amongst which one represents the SAM site. The leftmost part is where you would find the Combat Engineer Toolkit. It’s to the north of Tsuki Castle. 

Do you know a castle without security? That’s not something logical, so the Tsuki Castle is also guarded for safety, and its vital treasure is the DMZ toolkit.

So, how would you prepare and buck up to approach the location to combat the guards? You will find the toolbox in the central area of the given region. Specifically, you will find the Combat Engineer Toolkit at the F4 SAM site, spawning over the platform.

  • Head over to the new Ashika Island mini-map and reach its center.
  • Go to the left of the SAM site at the G4 location. 
  • Move here and clear the area.
Combat Engineer Toolkit Key in DMZ

You would see the Toolkit and use the key to unlock it. Besides, Warzone 2 DMZ has random loot in every round, so gear up with enough arms and ammunition to approach the toolbox. There you would be guards and have to defend yourself to protect and get the Toolkit.

Besides, you will earn and should collect Classified Documents upon successful unlocking. Its price is $8K and hence would be a good asset. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DMZ MW2?

DMZ in MW2 deals with moving around the Al Mazrah map, completing a set of missions, and fulfilling the objectives.

Is 12B a combat MOS?

12B are army Combat Engineers renowned for their Combat skills and versatility.

What does DMZ stand for?

DMZ stands for Demilitarized Zone. It is a network with more and an enhanced layer of security.

The Final Thoughts – Combat Engineer Toolkit key in DMZ

The COD Warzone 2’s February upgrade is what you would have been loving a lot. While you get a subsequent set of missions, you will have completed the earlier one, and your challenge will be finding the Combat engineering key.

There’s no specific location at which it will spawn; however, you must complete particular AI targets and Contracts to pave your way to it.


Further, check that the key is in your active inventory, not the key stash, when you find the Toolkit. You would find the Toolkit near Tsuki Castle, where you might have to fight the NPCs. 

Which COD game do you love? Let me know in the comments! 

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