CompTIA 220-1002 Certification Exam: Smartest Way to Stay Ahead of the Industrial Revolution

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Are you seeking new opportunities in information technology? If not, it could be wise to consider doing so.


This industry is still gaining popularity and at the same time, is changing faster than many others.

However, it’s also important to understand what’s your own driving force behind the career switch? Is it a specific sphere that makes you excited or a particular job position that can sustain your monetary goals?

Once you answer this, it’s time to eliminate self-doubt and excessive worry of uncertainty. And here the CompTIA A+ will assist you well since it provides candidates with a broad skillset, shows the area of their future responsibilities, and brings a number of job opportunities.

This post covers the details of one of the A+ required tests, 220-1002. Without further ado, let’s delve into its details.

Introducing CompTIA 220-1002 Exam

The CompTIA 220-1002 exam together with 220-1001 will earn you the A+ certification. These assessments place more emphasis on foundational IT concepts such as security, networking, and cloud to help students fast track their professional growth in one of the most competitive industries today.

220-1002 test focuses on software troubleshooting, operational procedures, security, and installing operating systems.

It lasts for 90 minutes and involves a maximum of 90 questions with a targeted score of at least 700 out of 900. Also, you should pay a fee of $226.

However, don’t forget about the 220-1001 exam and be ready to master the topics related to network troubleshooting, virtualization, cloud computing, hardware, networking technology, and mobile devices.


Preparing for 220-1002 Exam

Passing the CompTIA Exam-Labs 220-1002 Exam test has been a hurdle to many students for many reasons.

Firstly, many of them ignored the official exam guide and hence failed to understand some crucial details.

Secondly, they overlooked the training resources needed for improving their hands-on skills although there are lots of options available.

We hope you won’t make the same mistakes and will pay attention to the CompTIA-provided practice tests, revision books, and online courses that are purposely designed to help students excel in the exam on the first attempt.


3 Reasons to Pass 220-1002 and Pursue the CompTIA A+ Certification

1. It is the key to a successful IT career

Becoming CompTIA A+ accredited means you have cutting-edge knowledge of computer fundamentals.

This will position you for excellent opportunities in IT that revolve around PC repair, the installation of operating systems, and data management.

2. It allows you to work from any location

CompTIA credentials are recognized the world over and many employers are now realizing the importance of considering A+ certified individuals for entry-level tasks.

With this badge, you can work from any location while enjoying new prospects.


3. It opens door to job versatility

CompTIA A+ is a perfect baseline certification that tickles all the boxes. And there are plenty of job roles you can fill with such qualifications.

From a data support technician to an end-user computing technician to a technical support specialist, you will have a myriad of options to help you build the career of your dream.

The Bottom Line

The movement towards the ultimate professional goals starts with taking the first step in the field.

And once you narrow down your job search to a shorter list of the roles that suit your niche and profile, you will need a tool to demonstrate your competence and show the employers that you are deeply motivated to take on a new challenge.


As the proverbial quote goes, use what you have to get what you want, so, you can use your interest and dedication to gain baseline skills and earn the CompTIA A+ certification. Remember, it’s all in the mindset!

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