A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Create A Signature Online

Digital Signature
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Many organizations prefer as much as possible to follow the electronic route for managing and signing the document. The choice makes perfect sense, because by removing a need for paper, power and toner / ink, electronic documents can minimize the printing costs.


Also, as they live on a hard drive instead of a file cabinet or box, they make storing of documents much more accessible.

It is also easier to find the correct document with the freedom to tag electronic documents produced with resources such as PDF software; and, it almost goes without saying that you also save money when you save time.

What are electronic signatures?

An electronic signature is a signature on a dedicated digital network in a digital format. Like it’s paper counterpart, an electronic signature or e-signature is a legal term and is defined as an electronic sound, mark, or procedure, attached to or logically connected with a document or other record and conducted or implemented by an entity with the purpose of signing the record.

CocoSign: The Best E-Sign solution

You can submit valuable documents to anyone in the world using a device or smartphone via reliable electronic signature apps.

One such app is CocoSign. It has been used in 190+ countries across the world by billions of users (including individuals, organizations, & enterprises).  Features offered by CocoSign include multi-layer protection, cost effectiveness, reliability, inviting multiple parties to sign the documents and much more.

Digital Signature

CocoSign is considered as one of the best software to create a signature online & invite people to sign it. Through it the recipient will type or draw their signature once obtained, approve the terms, and submit it back directly in less than a minute.

A step-by-step Guide to Creating Online Signatures via CocoSign

Draw a Signature

The first way you can create your digital signature is to sketch. You could draw it on CocoSign ‘s online canvas using a mouse or touchpad.

Digital Signature

If you are on a touch-enabled device, you can use the touchscreen, which offers greater accuracy. You can delete and redesign your gestures until you’re satisfied with the signature.


Type in your name

The second way to create different signature designs online is to use the Signature Generator, which is a much easier way. In this method, you just have to type your name, and CocoSign will instantly generate suitable signatures.

These vary depending on their font, scale, volume, and legibility. You can choose the one which fits your written signature closely.

If you are done, after making an e-signature, you need to save it. You can save it on your user’s computer or in the CocoSign protected cloud storage. The latter is more valuable because it’s not always uploaded back to you.

Steps for signing documents using CocoSign

Making an electronic signature should be a breeze-through if you are using a safe and reliable electronic signing solution. Below are highlighted the steps involved in creating an electronic signature. We will be using CocoSign for the purpose of this example.


Step 1: Drag the document and Drop it

To start with, build a CocoSign account and be credited with a 30-day trial period. To link it to the website, drag the document you want to upload to the marked window. Another option is to press the ‘select file button’ button to upload the document.

Step 2: Signing Documents

Continue to sign the document after it has been published. Here are some of the options for signing that you have.

Drawing your signature using a stylus pen, mouse or laptop trackpad. You can use cases through CocoSign to bring about variations in your signatures as well. Sign, scan and upload the photo on a piece of paper to the website. To type a name and style, use any of the platform’s styling templates.

Step 3: Download the Document

Click to save changes when you finish signing, and let the document be processed by the server. After this, the document can be downloaded to your local machine.


Features offered by CocoSign

Environmental Friendly Solution

Deforestation is an immediate matter, which is possibly something you are indeed conscious of. But did you also know that firms that implement environmentally friendly business strategies are preferred over their rivals? So, not only can an eco-friendly activity of using e-signatures help you attract the best recruits, but the pandas will also be protected.

Increase the Workflow

If you had to obtain a signature before, then you know how long it can take from start to finish to complete the process. Electronic signatures offer a lightning-fast solution that can start instantly with the steps that follow the signature.

Effective & Accessible

Collecting a signature can be a long and complex process involving the printing, signing, observing, distribution, copying, and storage of many individuals. With the click of a button, electronic signatures are registered, dramatically enhancing productivity on both ends of the paperwork.

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