Download Latest GApps for Android 11

Latest Gapps for Android 11
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Updated on 16 July 2021: OpenGapps on Thursday (16-Jul-2021) released the first version of Android 11 GApps. Android 11 GApps is now available for all platforms like arm, arm64, x86, and x86-64, and right now, only nano and pico variants are available.


So you can head to and download the nano or pico variant of Android 11 Gapps right now.

OpenGapps Android 11

You might have heard of GApps if you are into customizing your Android device by flashing various custom ROMs. Popular ROMS like Pixel Experience usually compile the ROM along with the GApps (aka Google Apps),

But other ROMs like crDroid, or ArrowOS don’t include GApps with the ROM, which means you need have to flash the GApps along with the ROM file to enjoy all the Google Apps like Play Services, Play Store, Dialer, etc.

The only trusted destination for genuine and un-customized GApps was OpenGapps, but if you go to their site you will notice that there is no info about the GApps for Android 11 or so.

Latest Gapps for Android 11

Now, if you are flashing any Android 11 or 12 based custom ROMs, then you are going to need the GApps to survive. In this article, we are going to talk all about GApps, and how you can download the latest Gapps for Android 11 or 12.

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What is GApps (aka Google Apps)?

As the name suggests, “GApps” stands for Google Applications. because the Android OS, GApps, or Google Apps and Services also are open-source in nature and may be used seamlessly on Android OS running devices. Needless to mention that you simply can’t even use Google apps and services on your Android device if the GApps package isn’t installed. like Google Play Services, Play Store, Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Google Keep, Forums, Calendar, Phone, Messages, YouTube, Photos, Maps, etc.

Google Apps are the proprietary applications and services pre-installed on all the official Android running devices (except for Custom ROMs). Aftermarket firmware doesn’t accompany pre-installed GApps thanks to licensing restrictions. But as we’ve already said, thanks to its open-source nature, Android users can manually install or flash the GApps package consistent with their preference on even Custom ROMs very easily.


Download Latest Gapps for Android 11

Download BiTGApps
BiTGApps - Latest Gapps for Android 11
  • Name: BiTGApps
  • Android Version: 11
  • Last Updated: 16-April-2021
  • Features:
    • Minimal build size.
    • Package size less than 90MB.
    • Battery Optimization for GMS Core and its component.
    • Optimize APK files with the Zipalign tool.
    • Optimize application database with SQLite tool.
    • Safetynet Patch for passing CTS profile.
    • Bootlog Patch for generating bootloop logs.
  • Download
Download NikGApps
NikGApps - Latest Gapps for Android 11
  • Name: NikGApps
  • Android Version: 11
  • Last Updated: 30-Jan-2021
  • Features:
    • Customizable Installation
    • Wide Support (Core, Basic, Omni, Macro, Stock, Full, Go)
    • Regular Updates (Weekly)
    • Regular Updates
    • Seamless OTA Updates
    • Supports Split Apks
    • Comes with a prebuilt YouTube Vanced (v14) and Lawnchair launcher (Till Android Q).
  • Downloads:

How to Flash GApps via TWRP (or any other custom recovery)

Flashing GApps doesn’t need any special skills, you will just have to flash the GApps just after flashing the ROM, make sure that you don’t boot into system before flashing the GApps, otherwise you face a ton of unknown glitches and bugs.

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  • Boot into the custom recovery mode.
  • On opening the custom recovery, tap on the ‘Install’ button. (We are assuming that you have already wiped the required partitions like Cache, Dalvilk, System, etc.)
  • The file explorer will be opened.
  • Navigate to the GApps zip directory and select it. (We are assuming that you have already flashed the custom ROM.)
  • And then simply flash the file.
  • After that reboot to the system, and simply follow the on-screen instructions to setup your device.

Closing Phrase

So, in this article, we have learnt all about GApps and its importance while flashing a custom ROM, if the ROM doesn’t include the default Google Apps like Camera, Play Store, Dialer, etc. We have provided two different options to download the Latest Gapps for Android 11.

In case you didn’t understand any step, or you can any other query regarding this article, then feel free to comment down below, we will be more than happy to assist you.


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