How to Fix AirPods Blinking Orange Issue?

Apple Airpods
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Is the blinking orange light on your Airpods Charging Case irritating you? Are you afraid it will drain all your battery, or do you fear that your Airpods has some bugs that will affect its working efficiency and lifetime? 


Well, you need not worry it is a common issue that’s 99% solved at your home by yourself conveniently. 

AirPods Blinking Orange

How to Fix AirPods Blinking Orange Issue?

You might be irritated by the continuous Blinking orange issue. Besides, it would also be draining your battery. But you need not worry; we have got you covered! 

Below are the most effective methods to eliminate the Blinking orange flashes on your Airpods Charging Case. You need to follow them carefully, so let’s roll on over each of them:

Method 1: Re-Pair your AirPods

AirPods Blinking Orange

This method is one of the easiest and quickest fixes for the issue. Follow the steps below to unpair and re-pair your AirPods with your phone:

  • Go to your iPhone Settings 
  • Navigate to Bluetooth
  • Here, you will see all the devices that have been connected to your iPhone
  • Tap on your Airpods name and click on it to see the options list, and you will see “Forget This Device” below it
AirPods Blinking Orange
  • Hold the button at the back of your AirPods Charging Case for approximately 5 seconds
  • This will keep your Airpods in Pairing Mode
  • Then, again navigate to Bluetooth Settings and choose the option to Add Device
  • You will get a list, choose Airpods, and you will be prompted to follow the guide to pairing your Airpods

However, it might not work if the issue is something logical, then you can follow the method given below to fix the orange Blinking issue.

Method 2: Reboot your iPhone

The most common fix for any solution is to reboot your phone. Rebooting clears the cache and fixes run-time bugs that will prevent your Airpods from working effectively.

Thus, it can be an excellent solution to fix the issue. Or, if you have tried the method, you can reboot your device after re-pair your Airpods with the iPhone. Follow the steps given below to reboot your iPhone;

  • You will see a Power button on the right side of your iPhone for a couple of seconds 
  • You will see an option on your screen saying “Slide to Power Off.”
  • Make sure not to skip this step; else, your iPhone will turn off

For iPhone X or a later version, follow the steps below to reboot:

  • Press hold the Power button and volume up button together for a few seconds till you get Power Off Slider
  • Your device will switch off
  • Keep it idle for 30 seconds
  • Switch on your iPhone by holding the power button a little longer till you will get the Apple logo on your screen 
  • Then follow the last four steps in method no.1 to pair your AirPods

Method 3: Make Sure That AirPods and their Charging Case have Sufficient Battery

If both the above solutions do not work and you are unable to get rid of the issue, then you need to check whether your Airpods and their Charging Case are sufficiently charged or not. If any of them are not adequately charged, it will not work properly.

You might not see any light on the charging case, so reconnect the USB cable and keep it idle to charge well. After that, again pair your Airpods with 

If you’re not seeing any lights on your charging case, plug in the USB cable that came with it and let it charge for a few hours. Once it’s charged, try pairing your AirPods again.

But if all the three methods fail to resolve your issue, then read on to check another way to resolve the issue.

AirPods Blinking Orange

Method 4: Factory Reset your Airpods Charging Case

Well, here are two methods to fix the issue; factory reset your Airpods Charging Case, and you can update the AirPods firmware.

However, if you tried the updating firmware method before and if it does not work, then you will need to reset and then again update the firmware. Hence, it is advisable to follow this method before. It shall work in most cases. 

When you factory reset your charging case, it erases all the charging case’s data. Follow the steps below to reset:

  • Open the case’s lid
  • Press, hold its back button for approximately 15 seconds
  • Then when the white light turns into orange or amber, you no longer need to control the button anymore

However, it is preferred to unpair your Airpods before factory resetting the case. When you factory reset and pair it, you are more likely to resolve the issue. Besides, it will pair it with your phone as if they are new.


Method 5: Update AirPods Firmware

If somehow you are low on fortune and still notice blinking orange light, another method to resolve your issue is to update the firmware.

By updating Airpods firmware, you can ensure that your Airpods have the latest software, so it is most likely to fix all the issues. Follow the steps below to implement it:

  • Navigate to Settings on your iPhone
  • Click on Bluetooth from its menu
  • Go to My Devices in it and locate your AirPods in it
  • After you find it, click the “i” label on for checking the software version
  • If your AirPods are in the charging case and it finds any latest firmware available, then it will be updated automatically 

Besides, it is recommended to reboot your iPhone and pair your Airpods once more for efficient functioning.

Method 6: Contact Apple Support or Reach Out to an Apple Service Center

If all the above attempts to fix the issue don’t work, you should contact Apple Support or Reach out to your nearest Apple Service Center as soon as possible.


There, you will be able to tackle the occurring issue and know why the above methods failed to resolve the issue. In the worst possible case, they shall replace your Airpods if the hardware issues.

Why is my Airpods Flashing Blinking Orange Light?

Airpods being the most popular wireless earphones have a rich set of features. Therefore, it has the probability of several bugs which do not occur otherwise. But they are prone to it, so sometimes you may have an issue due to them

The Final Words

When it comes to Wireless Earphones, the pave of Apple Airpods is unmatched. Besides being expensive, they also provide a rich hearing experience besides are durable.

But when you experience the blinking orange light, your Airpods might have an issue. So, try the methods mentioned above to resolve the issue. Read the guide well and follow all the steps properly.

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