How to Replace a Lost AirPod?

How to Replace a Lost AirPod?
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Hello readers, today this article will discuss “How to Replace a Lost AirPod?” Can we just be real for a moment? The Apple AirPods can break or get lost without any problem.


The minuscule earbuds can drop out of your ears, and if you let a bud fall down a channel opening, you need to replace the set. 

Fortunately, you can replace AirPods reasonably effectively, at different costs. This is the way to replace your AirPods if you misplace or break one (or both).

How would you return broken AirPods for a replacement?

While you bring your wrecked AirPods to Apple, you want to ensure you have your unique proof of procurement or the first box it came in and the AirPods (counting its charging case). You can carry it to an Apple Store or an approved service provider.

 On the other hand, you can mail the AirPods in through a prepaid transportation box from Apple. Apple will repair or replace AirPods with a manufacturing imperfection free of charge inside the one-year guarantee or for USD 29 for accidental harm, assuming you purchased AppleCare+.

Remember, AppleCare+ offers this more reasonable repair or replacement choice once each year inside the two years an AppleCare+ guarantee runs. Costs for repair or replacement might change with other approved service providers.

What if you don’t have AppleCare+?

How to Replace a Lost AirPod?

If you’re not covered by AppleCare+, the expense of replacement or repair is more extreme. Out-of-guarantee AirPods cost USD 69 to replace each earbud, remote charging, or MagSafe charging, while the wired charging case is $59.

Out of guarantee, it costs $89 to replace the Apple AirPods Pro or the patient. The AirPods Max replacement charge relies upon the repair, so you need to get that evaluating data from a service agent.

Apple, lately, announced a self-service repair drive, which will allow you to purchase and effectively replace parts for different devices, making them more supportable.


In any case, this presently incorporates no model of AirPods, which sadly checks out. The earbuds are famously difficult to repair – iFixit even considers each model of AirPods unfixable.

What if you lost your AirPods?

Lost or taken AirPods are not covered under guarantee or AppleCare+. AirPods cost $69 each to replace, the charging case cost $59, and the remote or MagSafe charging cases cost $79. AirPods Pro expenses $89 each to return, while the charging case is $99.

Notwithstanding, before paying this much for a replacement, try to check to Find Me to check whether it’s simply wedged into your lounge chair or on the walkway outside your home.

How would you set up replacement AirPods?

Following are the few steps to set up a replacement of AirPods:-


Step 1 – Open your device’s Bluetooth settings and tap on the “forget this device.” 

Step 2 – Now, put your AirPods intro charging section and wait for the light to turn on.

Step 3 – Hold the arrangement button until the light blazes white.

Step 4 – Move to your device’s home screen and tap on the charging section.


Step 5 – you ought to get a spring-up notice prompting you to set up your AirPods.

 The small thing could drop out of your ear; however, it won’t drop beyond your control.

How do you get new AirPods from Apple?

On the off chance that you’ve had no luck utilizing Apple’s Find My iPhone application to find a lost AirPod (or AirPods), or on the other hand, assuming you have a flawed AirPod, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to think about requesting a replacement from Apple.

Apple doesn’t offer AppleCare+ for first-or second-age AirPods and, actually, provides a standard one-year warranty that is integrated with all Apple products. Expecting your AirPods to need service during that one year, all work will be covered.


After the one-year ensure has passed, Apple charges a $69 cost for out-of-ensure service repairs, as depicted on its iPhone Service Pricing page.

In the event that your AirPods or AirPods Charging Case loses battery capacity, battery service is free during the one-year ensure time period or $49 out of the assurance.

Want to avoid lost AirPods?

You probably need to spend additional cash assuming that you lose the AirPods. Anyway, why not protect them in any case? Contrasted with the expense of replacing or purchasing another AirPods, it merits going to lengths ahead.

How to Replace a Lost AirPod?

To assist you with staying aware of your AirPods, attempt these tips!


Create Your Wireless AirPods Wired – 

You might need to swallow your geek pride on this one. It’s a stage backward yet reliable method for trying not to lose your AirPods: associate them with a wire.

Loads of tech accessory organizations have emerged with AirPods lashes, which interface your AirPods utilizing a meager rope or wire.

It may not look the most trendy, yet it’ll hold your AirPods together and make them less prone to falling into cracks.

Utilize Ear Snares for Your AirPods –

Another choice is to utilize ear snares. These are elastic spills that fit the in-ear part of your AirPods. They have a loop or blade-like shape that makes it harder for your AirPods to drop out of your ear.


Certain individuals might definitely approve of AirPods dropping out of their ears, so this thought will not be especially useful for those.

However, as far as some might be concerned, their AirPods drop out of their ears routinely, regardless of whether they aren’t moving. This has to do with the state of your singular ear.

Ear snares can likewise assist with keeping AirPods in your ears while you’re running or, on the other hand, assuming you have long hair that will generally get tangled on your AirPods.

Keep Your AirPods in the Case

This is a basic rule, yet it’s an absolute necessity all at once. If you’re not utilizing your AirPods, the prominent place they ought to be is for the situation. Try not to leave them sitting out on the counter, don’t place them in your pocket or your cup holder.

How to Replace a Lost AirPod?

Regardless of how great you are at staying aware of them, AirPods and beyond their case are bound to get lost.

They will gradually lose battery life because they’re not suited for the situation. This implies that you will not have the option to find your AirPods utilizing the Find My application on the iPhone, making them harder to recuperate.


How to replace AirPods with new ones under warranty?

It works as follows: you contact an authorized service center and describe the problem, leave the headphones for diagnostics, and within a week or two, they make a verdict.

As my practice shows, AirPods Pro is changed without any problems, but the extended warranty does not apply to the charging case.


How to connect AirPods to another case?

Go to the Home screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Open the case with your AirPods inside and bring it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The setup animation will be displayed on the screen. Click Connect and select Done.

What happens if you mix up AirPods?

If you mix up your AirPods with someone else’s AirPods, both of you will see an “AirPods Mismatch” alert. Use the Find My app to find your lost AirPods and play a sound on it to help you identify which one is yours.

Can you charge AirPods in someone else’s case?

AirPods work with any charging case, as long as the models are compatible, of course. The case for the Pro model will only work with AirPods Pro. That way, if a thief stole your AirPods, you can still connect them to another iPhone simply by using a different charging case.


As may be obvious, losing your AirPods is a predicament with few positive arrangements. That is the reason we assume the best answer for lost AirPods is to guarantee you never lose them in any case.


To avoid losing your AirPods, consider getting the secret sauce to protect your AirPods and the charging case. I hope you easily get knowledgeable information about the Airpods ‘ loss and replacement process, although if you have any queries related to this post, you can simply contact us!

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