How To Find AirPod Case? (3 Different Methods)

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An AirPod case has made it easy to keep both the halves of AirPods (or Pro) organized, charged-up, and most importantly, easy to find. It is easy to lose an AirPod but when it is, you are certainly a bit vigilant about it. But what if you lose an AirPod case instead?


Well, that’s a boomer because you have actually lost a case that was made to keep both units of your AirPods handy and easy to find in the first place.

So, what should you do? How to find AirPod case? There are a few scenarios here that circumnavigate if you have lost an AirPod case or a case with AirPods in it. Read along to know-how.

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How To Find AirPod Case only?

Okay, so this method applies for finding the AirPod case with no AirPods in it. You can use the “Find My iPhone” app to search for the lost or misplaced AirPod case.

However, you won’t be able to play a sound which is what helps you gain the proximal direction of the AirPods if you are kept somewhere in the house (or office) and you forgot it. Anyways, here’s how to find AirPod case only.

Step 01: Firstly, open the “Find My iPhone” app on your iPhone.

Step 02: Next up, check out the list of paired devices where you must be able to find “AirPods”.

Step 03: Check whether the LED light beside the AirPods is “ Green” which signifies that the case is nearby the earbuds. If the light is “Grey”, this means either the case is out of range or the battery has completely drained. In this case, you won’t be able to find it anyways.


Step 04: You can obtain the last location your case (w/ the AirPods) was spotted so do check it out because it’s highly likely that you will recall where you left it. Unfortunately, if it’s stolen, it is gone forever.

Find AirPod Case

How To Find AirPod case with AirPods in it?

Unlike the previous scenario, this one works in your favor (in most cases). Now that you lost your case with the AirPods in it, the Find my iPhone app will be able to locate it or at least the last known location.

This is a great feature for those who keep forgetting their pods somehow. This method has a higher degree of success. Here’s how.

Step 01: Firstly, open the “Find My iPhone” app on your smartphone.


Step 02: Login via the iCloud account if you are a first-timer. If you have used the app earlier, it will automatically log in. 

Step 03: Check out the list of all the devices paired with your iPhone which should include AirPods. Since your AirPods are in the case, you should be able to find both unless someone removes them and in that case, you will find the pods only. Tap on the AirPods.

Step 04: You will get the location of the AirPods with a LED light just beneath the logo. If it is “green”, it means it is nearby and if it is not green, you still have the approximate location until the battery drains completely.

Step 05: Zoom in on the map to get an approximate location that you can visit and retrieve the pods with the case. Use the “Directions” button to find the route.


Step 0*: Use the “Play Sound” button so that the AirPods will make an audible sound. You will be able to hear if it’s nearby. Otherwise, you still have a location to reach and buzz the sound to find the lost AirPods and case.

If the AirPods are offline, you cannot play sound. On the other hand, if the battery is dead, you will get the last known location only and if someone took it, he/she might not be at the same location anymore.

Find AirPod Case

How to Find AirPod case without an iPhone?

Assuming that you don’t have access to your iPhone for any XYZ reasons, you can still use the “Find My iPhone” functionality using your computer. Here’s how you should do it.

Step 01: Go to and proceed to “Find” or enter on the URL bar.


Step 02: Enter the Apple ID and you must be able to log in to your account with the correct credentials including the password.

Step 03: Assuming that your AirPods (with the case) are connected to the said account, navigate to “All Devices”. 

Find AirPod Case

Step 04: Check out AirPods and check its last known location. 

Find AirPod Case

Knowing the last known location is something you would find more useful than knowing nothing at all. Now that you have an approximate last location, visit the place and try to recall where you might have left the case. 

How To Find AirPod case if it doesn’t show up on the app?

There’s a possibility that your case won’t show up on the app if it is away from the AirPods. Chances of finding a lost case increases if the AirPods are in it because you can buzz a sound or locate its location down a few meters (or more). However, finding just the case is difficult. 

In case if you lost both the case and AirPods in it, the Find My iPhone app should be able to give a location. Even if it is not connected, it still streams its approximate location with other devices in the “Find My iPhone” spectrum via Bluetooth. You will still be able to find it out. 

Lastly, if the case is stolen, it is gone forever because as said, you can locate the lost AirPods but not the case alone unless you left it somewhere in your house or office and the AirPods are nearby.


Things To Know 

There are a few things you must know if you can go on an escapade to find your lost or stolen AirPod case.

If the case was stolen, you won’t be able to get a precise location unless you have an AirPod inside and it is communicating with the “Find My iPhone” ecosystem to stay afloat.

If someone has paired the pods with another case, the location will be insignificant. If the AirPods are inside the case, you cannot buzz it. Further, AirPods are difficult to find once they go offline or the battery is dead so let alone the case. 

Closing Phrase – How to Find AirPod Case

And with that, we have concluded our post on how to find AirPod case using various methods across different scenarios. 


In case you didn’t understand something, or you have any other queries regarding this article, then feel free to comment down below, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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