How to Get iOS Like Control Center on Android

get ios like control center on android
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Get iOS Like Control Center on Android

The Android has a great style of control center on the notifications panel from where the users could be able to access various functions of the device and either enable or disable these right from there. This control center of the Android could be located just by swiping down the notifications panel, and this could be okay for the short sized devices or conventional sized devices as accessing it with single hand could not be a big deal. But for the large screen devices reaching the control center with single hand could be much tougher, therefore for this device the iOS style control center that is accessed by swiping from below of the screen is a good option. How could the iOS style of scrutiny center be installed and made accessible on the Android device? Here in this article, we have written about the method through which the Android users could be able to get up the iOS style of control center on their device and hence get the fullest access of that in the same way as any iOS user would be doing. Although the Android has it’s very own complete control center, but if still, you wish to run the iOS control center for the purpose then the method we have written is made for you. You just go and read out the whole article given below so as to know about the way!


#1 Quick Settings for Android

[appbox googleplay com.superandroid.quicksettings]

If you are looking for the best alternative to the iOS Control Center on your Android device, then this app could be your best companion as this one installs the modified iOS like Control Center which could be easily accessed by swiping the screen from the below. The control panel this app integrates with the Android device consists of the various useful toggles, many settings options as well as multiple other notifications from the apps like the Music app, etc. Overall the looks of the Control Panel could also be modified to your taste, and hence it makes it the best option!

#2 iNoty 10

[appbox googleplay com.notificationos10.inotify.inotyos10]

The best looking as well as the more featured iOS-like control center installer for the Android devices. This app doesn’t enable the control panel at the very first, but it changes the standard look and functioning of the status bar and the notifications center to the iOS style. The Control Smart Feature inside this app when enabled puts up the control center like iOS on the Android device which is a lot alike to the right iOS style control panel! Many features and customizations could be made to the control center just to fit your needs and taste.

#3 Control Panel

[appbox googleplay]

Smart Toggle: This one is considerably the app that brings only basic looking control center to the Android but to be true it consists of all those essential functions, toggles, and notifications that the iOS control center could provide. If the looks don’t matter to you and only getting up the tasks done is your preferences, then this app is just too right for you, but in case if you want advanced controls and customizations for the Control center then better go for the above apps!

#4 Control Center IOS 11

[appbox googleplay com.luutinhit.controlcenter]

Want to enjoy the iOS 11 Control center on your Android smartphone? Control Center iOS 11 can bring the entire control center on your Android device. After installing this app, users just need to swipe up, swipe right or swipe left from the edge of the screen to bring the iOS 11 control center.

On the new control center, you can access Airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Brightness and almost every other settings. The best thing is, you can even control the audio from the Control center IOS 11 directly.

#5 OS 11 iLauncher

[appbox googleplay com.vmb.openlauncher]

OS 11 iLauncher brings the entire iOS 11 skin on your Android smartphone. In this launcher, you will also get the new control center of iOS 11. The best thing about this launcher is it’s very power and memory efficient. So, it doesn’t make your Android device slow.

You will get, Lock screen and notification panel of iOS 11. You can Quick access, quick search to useful applications and control panel on the home screen.


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