Google Maps adds a New Feature for Wheelchairs

Google Maps
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Google has launched a special new feature in Google maps called the ‘Accessible Places’, for people who are handicapped or disabled. Through this feature the disabled people will get favorable location information for wheelchairs on Google maps. The disabled people can also find our which restaurant or hotel allows a wheelchair entry. This feature has been launched currently in Japan, Australia, the US, and the UK. We can expect this feature to be released soon in other countries as well.

Google Maps adds a New Feature for Wheelchairs

Google Maps Feature for Wheelchairs

This new feature on Google Maps was prepared with the help of over 120 million local guides

According to the data received by Google, there are about 130 million disabled people who are now using wheelchairs. Our most recent Accessible Places feature will be helpful for those users. Through this, wheelchair users will get data by sitting at home, which are the reasonable spots for wheelchairs around them. The company has additionally expressed that around 120 million local guides have helped them set up this feature.

How to activate this feature?

To utilize Google’s new feature, users need to go to the settings of Google Maps. After that go to the section of Accessibility and open the Accessible Places option. After activating the feature, at that point users will see all the favorable places for Google Maps wheelchairs.

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