How to Use VoWifi in Poco F1, Redmi K20 Pro?

vowifi in poco f1 & redmi k20 pro
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The 21st century, the era is very quickly evolving. We didn’t even come out properly from the 3G era, we experienced 4G followed by VoLTE then extending to 4G+ and now the very awaited Vo-WiFI. We are happy to share that VoWifi in Poco F1 & Redmi K20 Pro has been started in India by the Airtel network.


What is VoWiFi?

VoWiFi is a Wi-Fi-based VoIP service. Where VoIP consists of the hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls, VoWiFi is the wireless version of this technology which is designed to work on wireless devices such as Smartphones.

The VoWiFi technology allows users to connect to a public WiFi hotspot or any standard private home WiFi network and make outgoing calls to any mobile phone number and landline, across operators, using handsets that support the technology.

VoWifi in Poco F1 & Redmi K20 Pro

Vo-WiFi service should be activated by the network operator of your area for your device. Currently, the Vo-WiFi services have been started in the Delhi NCR circle by the Airtel network. You also need to make sure of:

  • You have updated to the latest MIUI 11 update.
  • You must have an Airtel broadband.
  • Your VoLTE service for Airtel Sim should be activated. (Settings – Sim Card & Networks – Airtel Sim – Use VoLTE – Turn on)
  • Your WiFi call settings should be activated. (Settings – Sim Card & Networks – Airtel Sim – Make Calls using WiFi – Turn on)
vowifi in poco f1, redmi k20 pro
img src: Mi Community/ Apiyush265

Please Note: Vo-WiFi support should be given provided by the Network provider for your area and handset. Even though your device is compatible with WiFi calls, it won’t work without proper network support.

This post is taken as it is, from Mi Community, originally written by Apiyush265

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